Saturday, July 4, 2015

Look Book: Have a Grateful 4th of July

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Happy 4th of July! I am going to be celebrating this evening with some friends watching the fireworks. My mom found the perfect 4th of July top for me to wear this year. It has a dancing bear on it, which is one of the symbols of The Grateful Dead, a hippy rock band from the 1960's. Just like I am a Little Monster, my dad is a Dead Head, or a huge fan of The Grateful Dead. My dad's been to over 100 concerts, and when I was only a year old, he started taking me too. Going to Grateful Dead concerts with my dad was something very special for us (sadly, they are playing in their farewell tour this summer).

The Grateful Dead were very patriotic. You might have seen their most well-known symbol, a red, white and blue skull with a lightning bolt (like the sunglasses the bear is wearing on my shirt). Did you know the lighting bolt has exactly 13 points? That's for the 13 original colonies. So it's no surprise that my mom found this dancing bear shirt with a stars and stripes top hat.

The Grateful Dead Dancing Bear fourth of July shirt

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bronx Bombers

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Being from  New York, I am a pretty big Yankees fan. I have been going to games with my dad since I was a kid. Moving to Virginia meant that if I wanted to see the Bronx Bombers play, it would have to be at an away game. My dad even took me to see Derek Jeter's last game against the Baltimore Orioles. I have to admit, I was pretty scared to show up to an Orioles game decked out in full Yankees gear, but when I got there, almost half of the people were in Yankees clothes!

Ben and I were able to go to a Yankees game this year. I have been wanting to do Yankees nails for a while, so I decided to give them a ago for the game.

Baseball nail art, New York Yankees.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Stripes

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Not too long ago, my company moved office buildings. Our new building is so cool an modern, it looks like it came right out of Pinterest! From chalkboard walls, to a game room with a keg, it seriously has it all. To celebrate our new office, we had a big work party a few weeks ago. I love the way the office looks, especially the colors, so I knew I wanted to do nails to match.

Our office is mostly shades of blue and gray, with some pops of yellow thrown in. I found this summer nail art and got inspired to do my own variation.

Geometric summer nail art

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kat Von D the Kat Eye Set

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My kitty, Muffin, is just the best. Not only is she the cutest cat in the world (though, I might be a little biased) she also gets me the best mother's day gifts. This year she got me the Kat Von D Kat Eye Set. This set comes with the Mini Immortal Lash 24HR Mascara and the Mini Tattoo Liner.

Kat Von D the Kat Eye Set mascara and liquid eyeliner

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My First Contour with Physician's Formula

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It's no secret the contouring is all the rage right now. Not only is it the perfect way to highlight your assets and hide your flaws, but have you seen some of the crazy transformations people have done? It seriously amazes me what makeup can do.

I have wanted to try my hand at some contouring, so I picked up the Physician's Formula Glowing Nude Powder palette from the Nude Wear line. I was also in the market for an under eye concealer so I grabbed Touch of Glow which is also from the Nude Wear line. P.S. Physician's Formula is cruelty free!

Physician's Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder and Physician's Formula Nude Wear of Glow

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Born Pretty Store $20 Gift Card Giveaway

I have some very exciting news to share... Born Pretty Store has decided to let me host a giveaway on my blog! I am so thankful that you all have been using my 10% off coupon and now Born Pretty Store and I want to give back even more. They have generously given me a $20 gift card that one lucky ready will receive.

Even more good news, this giveaway will be open internationally! This will be my first international giveaway and I am really excited that all of my followers will have a chance to win.

Claws Up and Born Pretty Store giveaway

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Starry Night Full Nail Stickers

You may not know, but I am kind of obsessed with the painting Starry Night by Van Gogh. It all started with an episode of Boy Meets World, and continued to an 8th grade art project I did with my best friend, Sara. It grew to me fully redesigning my bedroom around the painting. I even had a Starry Night switch plate over my light switch.

I was over the moon (pun intended) when I received these Starry Night full nail stickers from Born Pretty Store. They come in a sheet of 14 full nail stickers in all different sizes. All you have to do it peal them off the sheet, stick them on your nails, and file off the excess. Make sure you apply these to naked nails, I tried the first time over topcoat and they would not stick at all.

Born Pretty Store Starry Night full nail art stickers. Coupon code JACG10

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Julep Maven June 2015: The Deep End

I was very excited when Julep Maven revealed the June 2015 box. This box introduced us to The Deep End collection filled with perfect poolside colors, and summer makeup. Not only did Julep release jellies in this box (and you know how I have been wanting to add more jellies to my collection), but they released a second polish with my name! I have decided to collect nail polishes that have my name, so keep an eye out for a special Jacqueline post coming up!

Julep Maven Box June 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Love Ear Jackets

Press Sample

Has anyone else noticed how popular ear jackets are? They popped up a few months ago and I don't see them going away anytime soon. I have been on the look out for the perfect pair for my ears, so I was so excited to try these gold Love ear jackets from Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Store Love ear jackets. Use my coupon code for 10% off JACG10

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Silver Triangle Embellishments

Press Sample

After the whirl-wind that was May, I am finally getting time to catch up on my bloggy life, and my real life. Ben and I have spent the last two weekends visiting wedding venues, and I think we found some contenders. I also am able to review all the awesome goodies from Born Pretty Store.

Today I have these gorgeous triangle nail embellishments. I received one pot of the silver ones (color #1), but they come in twelve different colors you can choose from. They are the perfect size for both full nail looks, or just an accent. They were easy to pick up and apply using a dotting tool and some top coat. The only negative is that most of the triangles are stuck together and it took a little effort to make sure I split them apart correctly.

Born Pretty Store nail art triangles. Coupon code JACG10

Friday, May 29, 2015

Guest Post for Sincerely, Sara: Purple and Plum

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! Today's post can be found over at Sincerely, Sara. I hope you all head over there to check out my latest makeup look featuring lots of purples and a bold lip. See you there!

Purple makeup with plum lipstick

Claws Up makeup blog

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 Years Together: Our Trip To Williamsburg, VA

Today marks exactly 6 years since my fiance asked me to be his girlfriend. Sometimes it feels like we have been together 60 years, and at the same time it feels like we have only been together 6 days. We have had so many firsts, and with our wedding in the future, we have many firsts to come. I love you, Ben! Happy 6 years!

To celebrate, Ben and I spent the long weekend in Williamsburg, VA. We went to Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Busch Gardens. I totally geeked out at Jamestown! I am obsessed with the movie Pocahontas, so it was so cool to see where she actually lived. I got to walk along the shores where John Smith landed (and where Pocahontas sang Just Around the River Bend), and even saw the original foundation of Virginia's first government buildings.

Busch Gardens was so fun too! The food and wine festival was going on and I got to try lots of amazing food. The best part was getting a personal tour of the wolf training program. Ben and I even got to work on some training with the wolves. Amazing!

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few photos of the trip, but I wanted to share a few more. I had amazing time and I wanted to share it with everyone. I will be back to regular posts soon!

Replica of John Smith's ship in Jamestown, VA

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swatch Saturday: Julep Stevie

My nails have been through this same ol' song and dance before: major breakage. I have been moisturizing, using strengthening base coat, and taking biotin, but they have been breaking left and right.

Since I've been nubbin' it, I wanted to break out some awesome dark polishes. Is it just me, or do dark nail polishes and short nails go together like peanut butter and jelly? I opted for Julep Stevie.

Julep Stevie swatch

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Green Floral Nail Art Decals

Welcome one and all! Step right up and see the latest and greatest Born Pretty Store review! Today I have these green floral nail decals to share.

I have reviewed lots of Born Pretty Store nail art decals, but these are a little different in that they are full coverage. They went on easy just like the other nail art decals, and these were actually opaque. I used white undies, but I don't think I needed them. These decals come in a sheet of 12, all in different sizes to make sure they fit each nail. They also came with a small nail file, which came in handy.

Born pretty store floral nail art decals. 10% coupon code JACG10

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Look Book: Mint Leopard

Yes, I have another mint look to share today. No, I am not ashamed of my minty addiction! Not only is mint really popular right now, but it is becoming one of my favorite colors. I love the soft color, it just makes me happy.

While my mom was out on a shopping excursion, she found the most amazing top. If a shirt could call out names, I would have been calling out "Jacquie!" Not only is it mint, but it also has leopard trim. Mint and leopard, need I say more?

Mint and leopard print top with black leggings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Palm Tree Nail Decals

Today is a great day! Spring is almost over, summer is well on its way, and I have another Born Pretty Store review to share.

With summer on its way, I was really excited to try out these palm tree nail decals. They come in red and black on one sheet which looks like it has 50 palm trees, plus a whole bunch of leaf deals as well. They apply just like any other Born Pretty Store nail decal. However since they were so small and thin they were just a little harder to work with, but nothing too difficult.

Born Pretty Store palm tree nail art water decals.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Makeup Looks: Double Eyeliner

I have really stepped upped my makeup game as of late. I have been making it a point to get a little adventurous with my makeup purchases. I added a few colorful liquid eyeliners, and I have even gotten into lipstick. I used to hate lipstick because it came off so easily and I hated having to pull out a mirror to reapply it. Also, I love a bold eye, and I felt like it would be too much to wear lots of lipstick and eyeshadow.

After picking up this magenta lipstick, I was hooked! I can't stop buying lipstick; the bolder the color, the more I love it. Magenta and turquoise is just a perfect color combination for spring, so I thought I would try it as a makeup look. I decided to keep it simple, and rock a double eyeliner look.

Black and turquoise double eyeliner makeup and magenta lipstick

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Electric Neon

How does creativity work anyway? One day I have no inspiration, and the next I am overflowing with ideas. Ideas come from a million places too, from movies, to music, even the time of year. This time, inspiration came from colors. With spring well underway and summer around  the corner, I have been eager to break out the neons.

One color combination I love is yellow and purple; make them neon and you have a winner. Add in some black and white for balance, and you are left with the perfect summer nail art.

Electric neon nail art.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Look Book: Mint Chevron

Hi, my name is Jacquie, and I am addicted to the color mint.

Hi Jacquie!

I have loved mint ever since Lady Gaga predicted it would be big in fashion in spring. My mint collection started small; a shirt here, a pair of shorts there. Now I have so much mint in my wardrobe it has taken over! One of my favorite mint tops is one I bought for work. It's really pretty and nice for the office, but would work great for a spring day out too.

Mint chevron top, white leggings, and a denim jacket.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Purple Pond Gradient

One thing that I have wanted to try more of was jelly polish nail art. I have been blogging for three and a half years and I still only have about three jelly nail polishes. I love how glossy and squishy they are, and I love all of the unique nail art you can do with them, but for some reason I don't have many in my collection.

Two of my favorite jelly looks are pond manis, and jelly gradients. Why not make up for all the lost jelly time and combine them into one look!

Purple jelly gradient pond nail art.



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