Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cosmic Charlie

Bonus points for anyone that gets the title reference!

Here is my FIRST post on a nail design! Like I said in my first post, I try to pic things that are easy for my non-dominant had to do, of course my right hand still never comes out perfect -sigh-.  On my quest for new and interesting nail art, I like to see  how the people of Youtube do it, and came across this video:
As you can see those nails look bad-ass, and mine totally didn't come out that good haha, but that was the general look I tried to go for...
Here is the base coat I use.  My nails break and chip all the time. I have been trying to grow my nails long but ultimately fail.  I have tried a lot of strengtheners and base coats but none really worked.  Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails  is awesome! My nails actually have been growing, and even working with my hands all day at work, they are actually longer than they have ever been! So go out and buy it! 
For the black night sky I used Sally Hansen Hard ad Nails Xtreme Wear in Black out.  As you can tell this bottle has seen better days, I have been using it for years, it is a nice basic black.
Whoa, hard to see white text on a white background huh? This is Love My Nails in White. Not the highest quality polish ever, but hey, I don't have a job!  This is the white I used for the start of the nebula.  The video called for a makeup sponge piece held with a tweezer.  However, I don't have any (makeup sponges that is) so I improvised and used a regular Q-tip that I painted the polish onto.  It worked pretty well if you have a light hand. I'd say if you have the makeup sponge, use it, but this worked as a good alternative. 
So, if you watched the video, you would know this is where the yellow comes in, but I don't have any yellow polish.  So I substituted in Revlon Top Speed in Jaded.  I LOVE this line of colors.  I have 3 different ones, but honestly each color in this line is beautiful.  It goes on great, lasts long, and dries fast just as promised. Not too expensive and great quality, brb while I go buy more...
Just kidding.  Next step was the pink, I used N.Y.C. French Manicure in Love Letters.  It is a nice light pink with some glitter.  I got this from my best friend (thank you, Sara!) when we decided to exchange nail polish.  
Next, the dark blue, and of course, Revlon Top Speed! This time in Royal. What can I say? Awesome brand and color!

The next step is the white dots for stars (sorry I don't have a photo).  I used the same white that I showed above, and used an orangewood stick (you know, those wood pointy sticks that the nail salon has).  I wish i used the toothpick as suggested in the video.  Making the little dots was hard, the polish wouldn't come off so easily so it was hard to get the affect of the little dots.

Last is the final coat of glitter...and I LOVE glitter! I am always on the search for glitter polish and this is the best one I have ever found...ever! It is Milani in Diamond Dazzle.  Most glitter polishes look like the are full of millions of sparkles, and then you try it out and you get like 4 sparkles on your nail...what the f! This one does not disappoint - lots and lots of glitter in a really nice color that goes with everything! It totally pulled the look together!

And here is the result, it may not look as good as that video (props to her BTW) but my guess is that most people aren't as pro as her, lol.

On a side note, sorry for my lack of middle finger.  I had a slight knife accident at work (ouch!) that I wont go into details about (unless you want them).  So right now my nail is out of commission.  Until it heals, I wont be putting polish on it. Also, look how clear that photo is! Real cameras are way better than phone ones :-P

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