Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Wired

Hello blog-readers! I wanted to do a post on one of my favorite nail products - Sally Hanson Salon Effects.  I found these last Spring and I thought they were awesome! They are so perfect for me because I can have a manicure that is even better than one from a salon, and it is easy and fast to do.  They make lots of sweet designs so there will be something everyone loves.  The ones that first caught my eye were the animal prints.

They come in packs of 2, nail tools, and a set of directions.  HERE'S A TIP: Personally I have super short and small nails so I can get away with using only one pack and cutting each strip in half, that way I get two manicures from one box (if you open a pack, the strips dry out so you have to use them right away)!

They are about $10, the price of a manicure at a salon, and if you cut them in half, its only $5! Yay! -So...you just peel them off the paper and stick them to your nails. They are soft and malleable so you can stretch them a little to fit your nail better, and they are made from actual nail polish, not stickers like other nail design products, so when you open the package you get that nail polish smell.  Then file off the extra that extends past your nail. Since they are soft, the excess comes off pretty easily. There are more detailed instructions in the box. Remember don't use a base coat or else they wont stick.  They last about two weeks if you are careful with your hands.

They make lots of patterns, but they made five limited edition Halloween patterns that were only available in October. So of course I bought all of them! Here is what they look like!

Sally Hanson Salon Effects in Hot Wired - Special Halloween Design

It is hard to see but this pattern is a bunch of barbed wires on a lime green background.  I finished with a clear top coat to seal the edges.

Have you used Sally Hanson Salon Effects before? Tell me what you think and what your favorite ones are in the comments!  I will post more of these so you can see more designs. 


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  2. I tried these over Halloween and they were surprisingly nice to work with and lasted quite a while!

  3. Winda - OMG that is soooo nice of you! I am following you blog and added out on twitter too! My twitter is @MissMurderx14. thanks again! :)

    ScarsLikeLace - Yay, I'm glad you liked these too! what designs did you end up getting?




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