Thursday, November 10, 2011

A word on Nail Polish Remover

So to start off my blog I would like to say a quick word about polish removers.  I feel are often forgotten about, but, come on! - you can't try your new style with out it!  I am a strict vegetarian - I don't eat any meat, poultry, fish, and I don't use any animal products, that means no leather, and no GELATIN! So that will be the topic of conversation. Everyone has seen this, and you all probably own it:

The standard, basic polish remover that you can find in like every store.  Most of you pick it up without a second glance, and I did too for years.  But one day i read a little further.  
GELATIN! For those that aren't as crazy as me, gelatin is a gel substance that is made from crushed up animal bones and connective tissues.  The should be enough for even  meat-eaters to be grossed out.  Gelatin is found in Jell-o, gummy candies, and many nail polish removers! So if this is something that concerns you - look out for it! Always read the ingredients.
So, upon learning this i was on a mission for gelatin free nail polish removers.  I tried an organic, acetone-free one from a vegan website.  But that didn't remove the nail polish at all and I was very disappointed.  So I use pure acetone.  It can be found at any CVS and is usually cheaper than the fancy stuff so that's a plus too.  On a negative side, it can dry out my nails, however I find that a small price to pay for saving and animal's life.    

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