Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First Splatter

Hello all! I am back from my trip to Florida and in the cold New York weather, brrrr! Nothing brightens my day like new manicures!  I was looking at some blogs the other day and found this: thepolishaholic-neon splatter mani tutorial. How freaking awesome re these nails? I love them! So i decided to try my hand at a splatter mani.

For my look I started with white (Love My Nails in White) and decided to splatter deep green, blue, and purple.    For that I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Emerald City, Revlon Top Speed in Royal, and B.S.N. Nail Lacquer in Purple Me.

A word on the tutorial - be sure to use a super skinny straw! I tried to use a normal sized one and it didn't work at all.  I used a juicebox straw after and that worked perfectly.  Also, I had to use way more nail polish than the tutorial said I would need.

Oops - BLUE too hard on my index finger! Haha, I'm so punny!

As you can see it's not perfect, I will keep practicing and trying out different color combinations - any suggestions? Have you tried your hand at the splatter mani? Let me know what you think!

Thanks again to The Polishaholic for this awesome tutorial!


  1. That looks really cool! I like the colors you used! It would be interesting to try glitter or metallic polish as well.

  2. Thanks! Ohh that's a good ideal, I'll have to try it!

  3. I like the color combo you chose! I especially LOVE that blue!!

    I haven't tried a splatter mani yet, but I really need to get into gear and do so!

  4. Aww thank you :) You should totally try it, I'd love to see how it turns out on you! I definitely want to try it again and get more practice

  5. P.S. I tagged you for a blog award. I will have a post on my blog for it tomorrow morning!

  6. OMG that's so nice, thank you so much! :)




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