Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spun For You

Hey hey! Even though it is already December (omigosh!) I wanted to do another post on my favorite holiday, Halloween.  Since I love it so much, I had my nails done in Halloween theme all of October, I am just so festive. You can actually spot the 2 looks I sported during the month in my first ever blog post : Long overdue, but here I am! The look I loved the best was the one I achieved using Sally Hansen Salon Effects (to see my first post on them go here: Hot Wired).  This one one was called Spun For You, and was another one of the limited edition Halloween patterns.  Its is a metallic silver background with a black spiderweb pattern.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Spun For You

To add even more Halloween flair I decided to add orange stones to the centers of the webs.  This took a lot of time to get the look I wanted.  I had to cut each strip in a particular way to get the most amount of web centers on my nails, but it was well worth the time in my opinion.  I achieved an awesome an unique Halloween look that was fairly easy to accomplish!

What do you think? How do you guys get into the holiday spirit?

Speaking of holiday spirit, Sally Hansen Salon Effects released their "Christmas" line (you can buy them HERE).

Which ones are you gonna get? Wanna take a stab at the one I got? - I'll give you the answer as soon as I get it in the mail!


  1. I wish I liked these polish strips more because they are so pretty! I change my nails too often to shell out the $ for them, though!

  2. haha, ya you definitely need to have patience to leave them on your nails for a few days lol! Maybe they would be good for you if you knew you were gonna be busy and didnt have time to do your nails everyday




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