Friday, January 20, 2012

"Avril Lavigne Inks Deal With Sally Hansen"

OMG I just died a little (of happiness)!  Avril Lavigne has been one of my favorite singers for years.  I love her music and her style.  She has her own clothing line that is super cute and full of bright colors (Abbey Dawn).

Well I was floored when I read THIS article.  Avril is teaming up with Sally Hansen to create her own line of Nail Effects nail polish strips.  I love Avril and I love Sally Hansen Nail Effects! I am soooooo excited about these and can't wait until they come out. I am sure I will be picking up a few different patterns.

"Launching globally in April, the limited edition collection includes 12 designs of nail polish strips — including tiny skulls and leopard prints, Lavigne’s favorites — which are inspired by Lavigne’s style and music. Each $9.99 kit includes 16 nail-polish strips, a cuticle stick, a mini-file and buffer and instructions for at-home application.

" 'This is pretty much the coolest thing, because I also do clothing — I love clothing, nails and fragrance, hair, makeup, all that stuff,' said Lavigne during an exclusive phone interview with WWD Wednesday afternoon."

WOW 12! Most Salon Effects lines only about about half that, like the Halloween ones, the Holiday ones, and the newest Valentine's Day ones (and of course I have at least one box from each line).  Photos of teasers and a few patterns have been released:

And this last picture was posted by Avril herself on her facebook page:
"Check out this dope cupcake!! I already had 2 today. It's one of the nail patters, it's called 'headbanger'." 

(Haha I tend to typo "patters" too :-P)

Ooh I love sneak peeks! There is no doubt I will be picking up some of these patterns. Might even get two of those green/blue/purple leopard print ones, they are super amazing! I will keep you guys posted when they release these beauties!

What do you think of Avril's Salon Effects line? Will you be picking any up?


  1. I love the colorful leapard print one!

  2. @Sara - me too! it is my favorite one so far

  3. I dont wear those, but the pyramid one is awesome!

  4. @ChromaCraze - they are really unique! i bet they would look so cool in person

  5. I think I will be needing the yellow and black checkers...

  6. @Frosso - Right?! I know. If you get them you'll have to do a post so i can see how they look on you!

  7. Super cool! I love having these around for whe I feel super lazy or on the go!

  8. that is awesome! can't wait to try them :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, am now following!

  9. @Blush - you'll have to make a post if you do! id love to see which ones you get!

    yay! thank you! :)

  10. the first one looks absolutely amazing, would love to have it :-D

  11. I can't say I am super excited about any of these designs. They're all just so simple. Idk. Plus, sadly, I am on the opposite side of the Lavigne fence, I've never liked her at all (sorry)! =P The rainbow leopard one is sort of cute, though. I'd almost rather freehand it, though. =)

  12. @ScarsLikeLace - haha that's ok! to each their own. if i was talented enough i would freehand them too! lol!

  13. Very cool! I love the colourful leopard and the grey...great idea!!




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