Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nailtiques Day 10

Just another progress report on my new nail protein that I have been trying,  Nailtiques Formula 2.  This is day 10 (1/03/12).

I am beginning to see some progress in my nail growth! My nails are a little longer and haven't been pealing and chipping as much even in this cold, dry weather.  So far I am pretty pleased, I hope it keeps on helping my nails!

 Do any of you have advise to help me grow my sad, chipping nails?

Stay tuned for a mani post coming soon!


  1. It looks like they're doing better! =)

    Moisturization is the key! I put lotion on at least half a dozen times a day, plus I use a bottle of pure vitamin E oil (dollar store for $1) as cuticle oil at least once a day and it works really great!

    I haven't had a torn cuticle, hang nail or peeling ever since! =D

    Hope that helps.

  2. awww thank you! I am starting to see som progress, I hope it keeps improving!

    oooh that's a good idea. Now that its winter I have been moisturizing more. I keep a botle of Ahava hand cream in my work bag since I work outside, and wearing latex gloves, both which are super drying. I should be doing it more often though. I have a small Vit E stick I use on my cuticles now and then, but I'll so check out the dollar store to get more so i can do it every day! I will definitely take your advise! thabnk you for your wise words :P and all of your help! :)




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