Monday, January 16, 2012

Nailtiques Day 23

Well this is sad.  I finally had some chippage, and it was pretty major.  My left hand isn't too bad, but my right one got destroyed.  My nails had pretty big chips and I had to file them down a good amount. The bottle says only apply once per day.  I had been doing it a little more than I should have this past week, and I think that was the problem.  My nails got really hard, and any little bump made them break.  So I am taking a break from the  Nailtiques Nail Protein and going back to my go to base, Sally Hansen Miracle Cure For Severe Problem Nails, for a bit and hopefully that helps.  I was really liking Nailtiques so I hope that I can use it again soon (responsibly of course).

So sad :( But at least my left thumb looks good, haha. 


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. I've never tried that product before hopefully the SH helps.

  2. @Nory - awww thank you. Me too, it was really going well until the last few days :( I hope I can get my nails back on track.

  3. I started using Nailtique two days ago!! I am always spending money on acrylic produs..I learned to do my own nails, I got the Uv gel+uv lamp...and nothing seem to stop my nails from breaking..
    I'm a Stay home mom, I go to school online, 2 kids (1 year old and 1 5 year old..) and Iam always cleaning so,I expose my hands to water almost all day! ;(

    1. good luck with it! i hope it works better for you than me. my nails are stronger and dont peal anymore, but they still chip :( ya i understand, i volunteer at a zoo and my hands get roughed up too




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