Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey guys. I am going to show you a mani that I have wanted to try for a while, but I never had the right colors to really make it work.  But my mom had a coupon for Walgreens and I use the opportunity to get my hands on a yellow, Unicorn by Sinful Colors.  It is a nice light yellow, a little thin though (the only other yellow I had was neon), so it is a nice addition to my collection.

I was going to do my nails yesterday but I had a little...accident.  Yesterday I was making tea, and as I was pouring the boiling water into my steeper, I missed and poured the water all over my hand. So instead of doing my nails, I spent the whole day with ice on my hand.  :(

I decided to do a fire inspired mani.  And with my recent yellow, orange, and red additions I finally could.  It wasn't until I was about to start the polish process that I realized how fitting it was.  My nails and hand have both been singed.

How I did it: I created a gradient using black, red, orange, and yellow.  I started with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails XtremeWear in Black out on my tips.  Then I blended a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Cinna-Snap above it.  I did the same using Sally Hansen Hard and Nail Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, and finished with Sinful Colors in Unicorn.  Finally I added a layer of Essie Luxeffects in Shine of the times, which my amazing best friend Sara got for me! I love ya, Sara!  Everyone, don't forget to check out her awesome blog.

I am a little disappointed in how it turned out.  I didn't really get that fire/burned effect I was looking for.  The mixing/gradient turned a little brown.  It was hard to get all the colors to blend in together.  I tried different methods on each nail, but nothing really looked the way I wanted.  However the Essie Shine of the Times really saved it.  It reminded me of bright, glowing, floating embers like in a crackling fire.

Just thought I would show you guys my poor, sad hand.  Its ouchies.  Now it looks like my nails and hand were burned!  I must have just put my whole hand in a fire! Lol.

Here is what I used:

So what do you think of my fail singed mani? Do you have any other Essie Luxeffects? What do you think of them (and of my embers)?


  1. It looks really cool! The Luxe Effects really makes it look like your nails are on fire! And the burn helps too! lol!

  2. @Sara - thank you!! i agree, i really like it, thank you Sara! haha, unfortunately

  3. Cool effect! I only own Shine of the Times and I really like it.

  4. It looks great, really well done. :)

  5. wow, love how this manicure turned up, looks really great :-D

  6. That looks really good! Hope your hand gets better soon!

  7. @Sandra - thank you!! :)

    @Nail Crazy - yay im glad you like it! i thought it was total fail haha

    @Polish - thank you!! haha thanks I hope so too

  8. That Essie polish looks AWESOME!!! I love how the mani turned out. Sorry about your hand~it looks like it really hurts...

  9. @Colorsplashnails - thank you! I think the Essie really made it come alive! aww thank you. it hurt REALLY bad the first day/night but its feeling better now :)

  10. Very cute, I love the flakies on top!! =)

    That's terrible that you burned your hand!! =( At least it wasn't a broken nail? =P

  11. I love the colors and sparkle! In face with the colors, if you went back in and sponged more of the yellow and you'd have totally ghoulish corpse fingernails.

  12. @ScarsLikeLace - thank you!! :) i know it was so sad :( haha isn't that saying something when we think a broken nail is worse than a burn :-P

    @Nail Nerd - me too!! oooh, that wasn't the look i was going for but definitely a cool idea!

  13. Where has this blog been all my life! ... As a star trek ep space nine and Nintendo DS lover I haven't felt so connected to my nail art as I have been inspired by ur pacmani to do I was wondering if u can suggest a faux leopard neon star print that will work with a tie dye zebra bodysuit?




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