Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy STATE Paddy's Day!...The Sequel.

Hey guys! Back from my super awesome, fun filled weekend at Penn State and right back in the swing of work. Meh.  Just thought I'd share some photos from this weekend.

This is Ben's roommate's doggie.  We put a silly hat on her head. 

Sporting my themed mani!

Here is my festive outfit for the day of Irish fun!

I had a fun State Paddy's day, even though it was all cold and snowy.  But now its time to get back to reality, and time for a new manicure! Dun dun dunnnnn...

Thank you, Ben, for the wonderful time this weekend!

Claws up!

P.S. In case you haven't seen it, there is a new tab on my blog called Be our Guest which has information on how to have a guest post on my blog. I hope you guys check it out. I am so excited to have some guest posts!


  1. Very Cute! I have never been to State Paddy's day, I've always had plans to, but they always fell through, so I am living vicariously through your fun weekend!!! :)

    1. Ohh are you close by to Penn State? Its pretty fun, but every year more bars are closed for the day. My boyfriend said that soon it will go away all together! you should definitely try to go! but if not then you can live through me :-P

  2. OMGSH I love your green tank top, does it have holes in it!?? Awesome! Haha and I love the doggy with a silly hat on her head. Putting things on dogs is so much fun!

    1. thank youu!! yes it does! :) she was adorable! especially in a silly hat :-P

  3. looks like lots of fun, the dog is so cute with his hat :-)




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