Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Awards!

Seriously, you guys are so sweet!  All of your kindness really has made my blogging experience amazing!

First up: The Versatile Blogger.

I got this from Color Splash Nails.  Thank yo sooo much! I have wanted this award for a while.  you are so nice and have a great blog!
***UPDATE*** Splat also gave me this award, thank you!!!

Here are my 7 facts:
1. My hair is naturally a bit mess of a jew fro! 
2. I still love watching kids movies
3. I have quite the collection of stuffed animals.
4. My favorite smell is rose.
5. I am part Greek and proud!
6. I enjoy cooking but I rarely do it, it is just so time consuming.
7. If colors aren't in rainbow order it stresses me out.

Next, The One Lovely Blog Award and the Butterfly Award:
I got these both from Nail Like LaceColor Splash NailsPolish And Charms and I Bleed Polish.  Thank you all of you guys! You are so nice and I love reading your blogs!
***UPDATE*** I also got these awards from Splat!!!

  7 more things:
1. I have always had a cat as a pet.  When I was born my dad had 2, and I never went more than a few weeks without a pet cat.
2.  I have only ever broken one bone, and it was in my toe.
3. I hate all forms of precipitation.  Really, all of them.
4. In college I touched a dead human body and a human brain.
5. Eggs creep me out.
6. I do not watch horror movies.
7. I don't watch the news.  If I am watching TV it is to relax and the new just stresses me out.  I don't read the news either. I'd rather read a good book or magazine article that interests me, and the news is just depressing and boring.

1. Name your favorite song
My FAVORITE favorite is That Girl Has Love by Rooney.  But I would be a bad little monster if I didn't mention a Lady Gaga song.  I love so many of them, but my favorites would be Bad Romance, Bloody Mary,  and Judas (boy was that hard just picking 3!)

2. Name your favorite dessert
Pumpkin Pie

3. What ticks me off:
Stupid people, and people that walk slow.

4. When I'm upset I...
Cry...a lot. Or yell.  Then I am usually in a bad mood for like the rest of the day, and I can hold a grudge forever.

5. What's your favorite pet?
CATS! Specifically my best friend, Muffin <3  (who is sitting here with me as I post this).

6. Black or white?

7. Biggest Fear:
To end up alone.

8. Everyday attitude:
Fairly neutral.

9.  What is perfection?
When you don't need to practice anymore.  However that will NEVER occur.

10.  Guilty pleasure:
Playing the Sims, going shopping, and watching crazy shows on TLC (come on, you can't look away from Toddlers and Tiaras and My Strange Addiction!)

Ok I am breaking the tagging rules.  Each award had its own set of rules, but I'm just going to tag a bunch of bloggers here for all 3 awards.  I'm sure you guys have gotten these awards already, but I just wanna show that I love ya too!


  1. Thanks, Jackie, for always giving me such awesome awards!! You're the best!

  2. Thanks for the tag and I don't watch horror movies either!

  3. Interesting facts. :D And thank you for passing it on to me. :)

  4. Thanks for the tag! And eggs are so yummy, how could you not like them? Oh well, more for me ;)

    1. of course! haha i think they taste good, but then i think about how they are like chicken periods and i just cant eat them lol

    2. ...well when you put it that way lol

  5. We have so much in common! Lol.. I only broke one bone too & it was my toe! I hate people who walk slow.. Especially in Manhattan.. & I've been DYING to play the Sims but I don't have the CD Roms anymore - and I always think to myself you're 21 years old you shouldn't be playing the Sims anymore haha but I'm the biggest child! :)

    1. omg i love this reply! haha. that's so funny! I got it when i hit my foot trying to jump a hurdle in gym class. I told them i was too short to do it!! omg yes! I am from NY but i went to college in PA, and when my train pulled into NYC i had to tell myself, "ok im back in ny now, gotta walk fast!" :-P and the sims 3 is awesome! id invest in it haha. youre never too old for the sims!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank youuu!




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