Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The girl who was on fire

So I did it.  After a year of debating, I finally decided to read the Hunger Games.  My boyfriend promised that if I finished it by this weekend he would see the movie with me.  I read the book in about a week, and I have to say I was disappointed. Cue angry comments.  Maybe it was because everyone said how amazing it is I just judged it harshly, but I felt it didn't live up to the hype.  I felt a lot of it was cliche and forced.  But the stupid cliffhanger at the end makes me want to read the next one. Curses you Hunger Games!

Even though I wasn't a fan of the book, I'm still really excited to see the movie.  I tend to dislike popular books, but like them as movies, so we'll see.

So, in honor of seeing the movie this weekend, I broke down and did some Hunger Games nails.  I decided to go for recreating her nails from the opening ceremonies.  If you haven't read the book, or you forgot, Katniss gets her nail painted with flames, which contributes to her nick name, the girl who was on fire.

I started with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out.  Then I attempted flames using Sally Hansen Intsa-Dri in Cinna (oh look how ironic!) - Snap, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Golden-I.  I put a line of each color, and with a toothpick dragged it upwards to make the flamey lines. Essie Luxeffects in As Gold As It Gets reminds me of embers in a fire, so I added it on top for a more fiery effect.  Finally, I added an orange rhinestone on my ring finger for some extra bling.

I always saw cool nail art that i wanted to dry, but I never had gold to do it with.  After a lot of looking I found this one, but I wasn't too pleased with it in the bottle.  Anyway after using it today I completely changed my mind!  It is so shiny and bright and perfectly gold and metallic.

For my left hand I just swatched each color I used to make the flames on my right.

Here is what I used (sorry, I forgot to add the rhinestone color wheel):

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Cinna-Snap
Essie Luxefects in As Gold As It Gets
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Golden-I

Base coat: Nailtiques - Formula 2
Top coat: Seche Vite

Sadly, I heard that in the movie she doesn't have the  flame nails, so I'm pretty disappointed, I wanted to see how they were done in the movie.  What do you think of my take of Katniss' flame nails?  What did you think of the book and the movie?

Claws up!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crackle-Lacque'n: Pink and Silver

See my first Crackle-Lacque'n post here.

Hello all! Time for a quick mani.  It was time to do my nails again, but I know that they will just get ruined at work, so I opted for something quick and easy, so I wouldn't be as disappointed when it started to chip.  I haven't used crackle polish in a while, and with my recent stash organization, I saw all the wonderful bottles that were being neglected and decided to give them some love.

At the Bronx zoo, the girl keepers like to joke around that crackle nail polish was made just for us.  Since our polish barely lasts a day with all the working with our hands, water, bleach, and everything else.  So we like to wear crackle to work so when our polish chips, its harder to notice :-p

I started with Revlon Top Speed in Metallic.  It is an amazing metallic silver,  I fall in love with it every time I put it on.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I decided to do an accent nail on my ring finger.  So I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink.  I have talked about this polish before, but it is a perfect pink color!  Not to dark or light or bright, and application is a dream!  It is so smooth and just about a one coater.

Then, I topped Metallic with LASplash Crackle'd in Love'd, a pretty pink crackle polish.  And over Bubblegum pink, a coat of Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil.

On my left hand I reversed the two.  So I used Bubblegum pink, with an accent nail of Metallic, and respecting crackles.

I love how this came out.  It is almost hard to tell which color is the under polish and which is the crackle overcoat unless  you look closely.  Seriously.  Take a few scoots back from your computer and tell me that you can't tell the difference!

Here is what I used:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink
Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil
LASplash Crackle'd in Love'd
Revlon Top Speed in Metallic

Base coat: Nailtiques Formula 2
Top coat: Seche Vite

I know most of you are over crackle, blah blah blah, but what do you think of this mani?  Any intentions of breaking out your crackle polishes again?

Claws up!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Stash: The Evolution of my polished life

While I wait for my newest manicure to dry, I decided It was time to share with you guys how I store and test my little bottles of happiness.  Also, I wanted to invite ALL you wonderful bloggers to also do a post on how you store, swatch, and test out your nail art. I would love to see how everyone does it differently.

Now, lets step into my time machine, back to the days before Claws up and all out wonderful bloggers...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look Book: Little Girl Blue

Hey guys! For today's post I thought I'd do my very first look book! This has been quite a busy week. Last weekend my boyfriend visited me from PA and we went out with some of my friends. It was nice getting to hang out with my favorite people all together.  I also gave my two weeks notice at the Bronx Zoo, where I have been volunteering for almost 10 months.  I had some CRAZY amazing experiences, but a lot of bad ones too, so I hope leaving is the right choice.  I have been working at my other job in the doggie daycare center, and trying to keep up with volunteering at the SPCA when I can.  Sadly, yesterday I encountered my first bitchy customer.  I was trying to be very nice and I didn't do anything wrong but she was so rude to me! It made me feel terrible. I have been enjoying the nice weather here in NY, but I am sad spring had sprung.  It is my least favorite season.  How many more days until summer?

Here is what I had on when I was hanging out with my friends and boyfriend.  Sorry for the terrible photos, I'm new at this.

I have on a plaid long sleeve button up from Khols with a lace cami under and a navy blue cardigan over.  A pair of skinny grey jeans on bottom, a long dangly necklace, and a navy blue hair bow.

Finished off the look with a pair of blue, spiky flats.

I ordered these from Shoe Dazzle.  Each pair of shoes is $39.95 and shipping is free.  This is my first pair from their website so they were 20% off.  However, I was unaware that when you buy your first pair, they charge you credit card automatically every month $39.95.  In exchange, you receive one credit to buy a pair of shoes.  I wish I knew that going in, but right after I ordered these puppies, I cancelled my account. *Sigh of relief*  But I am really happy that I got theses. I love the bright blue color and the spikes are so edgy and different. And if I get mugged, they make a nice weapon.

What do you think of this outfit and my first look book post?  Want to see more outfits?

Claws up!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me, Lets Throw a Party: My First Lippmann, Apothica Review, and Party of Five Glitters Comparison

Pardon the long title, but I have one busy post!  Let me take you back about a month an a half ago...

I was contacted by the lovely and amazing Maria, stating that she had chosen me to receive a $20 gift card to (or any of the other affiliated online stores).  Apothica had let Maria choose any blogger to receive the gift card, and she so generously chose me!  Maria really is the sweetest, but here is where it got weird.

I was told I needed to provide my mailing address, email address and phone number in order to receive the card.  I was a little uncomfortable giving away this information, but I was told that since they were going to mail me the card I had to provide it, so I did.  Also, I had to agree that by accepting the gift card I had to write a blog post reviewing the process and the product I purchased. Fair enough.  Thus, you have this post.

Weird thing part 2 - after they had contacted me, they told me that Apothica already sponsors my blog, and they were not allowed to give me the card, and I was to choose another blogger to give it too.  However that is completely untrue, and luckily that was cleared up quick.  I had also let Maria in on what was going on, and the awesome person that she is, she was ready to put up a fight and stick up for me at the drop of a hat.  Thank you Maria!

Everything seemed to be going okay, and I was told I would get my card in 20 days.

30 days card.  Of course this sent Maria off the deep end.  She is too nice.

I contacted them and I was told that there was some back up in processing and that I would get my card in about 10 days.  I knew Maria would make sure of that, she is a little scary when she's mad :-P

About a week later I got my gift an EMAIL.  I was thankful it all went okay, but very confused since I was told they would send it to my home address.  I was kind of mad that I agreed to give away my address when I didn't need to. Bleh.  Though Maria was now very relieved.

Now now, what to do with said $20.  I had been determined from the beginning that I was going to use it to get me my first Deborah Lippmann.  I had spent this whole time looking up swatches and searching Apothica's website until I decided on the perfect one: Happy Birthday.  Unfortunately it was $18, so I had to spend $4 of my own money to cover the rest of the shipping costs.  However I'm going to chalk up getting a Lippmann for $4 as a win.

Finally it came in the mail! What a glorious day it was!  It was just last weekend, and ask my boyfriend, I was very excited.  In the box, there was my Lippmann, as well as 3 free samples, lotions and a shampoo. I am excited to try those out too.

Although I have about a million and 2 ideas for ways to wear this color, I decided for this post, I'll stick with the simple swatch to show how extremely beautiful this color is.

Happy Birthday is packed with silver, green, gold, pink, blue, and orange hex glitters, as well as smaller silver, blue, and green glitters, all in a clear base.  Seriously, jam packed!

I have read some places that people are saying Happy Birthday has a dupe, and her name is Party of Five Glitters, by Wet N Wild.  I actually have Po5 in my stash, so I almost didn't get Happy Birthday, but I am glad I did, since they are pretty different.

Po5 has blue, silver, pink. and green hex glitters with smaller green and red glitters, also in a jelly base.  While Happy Birthday is packed to the brim with glitter, Po5's glitters can swim around pretty freely.  Also as you can see, Po5 has a smaller variety of colors.

In order to best show these colors, I layered them over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black out.

(One coat Po5, One coat Happy Birthday, Two coats Po5, Two Coats Happy Birthday)

Application of Po5 was annoying.  It was difficult to get any glitter to stay on my nail. I had to do some serious fishing and placing.  The first "coat" I applied didn't leave any glitter on my nail.  As you can see, one coat of Happy Birthday came out perfect.  Got a lot of glitters and didn't need to place them.  Two coats of Po5 is comparable to one of Happy Birthday.  This is where I can see that they are pretty close, however, not dupes. Finally two coats of Happy Birthday = amazingness!  A bed of glitter.  With some placement, I wouldn't have even needed to layer it over anything.  Its bright and fun and just amazing.  Seriously, no words to describe it.

To finishes off this comparison, and just for fun, I decided to layer on coat of Po5 over one coat of Happy Birthday:

I would have to say, of all the ways I wore it, this would be my favorite.  The combination of all the kinds of glitters from both polishes come together beautifully, and the amount of glitter is just perfect, not too much or too little.  This is how I did the nails on my left hand.

But to finish off, I added some layers of each to all my fingers, for a hodge podge of glitter and colors and fun!

Can I just say I am loving this square bottle.

Topped off with Seche Vite.

What do you think of Happy Birthday and Party of Five Glitters? Do you have either of these colors?  

Claws up!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Funky French Inspired by my Bestie!

Hello blogosphere!

Today I was in the mood for something fun, so when I was searching through my collection of inspirations and came across this, I knew I had found a winner.  Sara is my bestest friend (so you should all be checking out her blog).  She loves finding awesome photos online and getting inspired by them.  She found a really cool tape mani, and then tried it out for herself.  Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here is my interpretation of her interpretation of a funky french tape manicure!

The original picture used neon yellow and black. I totally loved the contrast of the bright yellow and the dark black so I decided to keep the colors. I wanted to add a little more color and fun so I added a rhinestone from a nail gem color wheel in no other color than hot pink, the color that Sara painted her funky french in! See what I did there?

Also I had a terrible split/break.  So photos of my thumb will be scarce until it grows back a little.  Hopefully my very bright and colorful nails will distract from the fact that my thumb nail is nothing but a nub. Ohh look bright colors, don't look at my thumb!

Here is what I used:
Hot Topic Nail Polish in a Neon Yellow (this polish doesn't have a real name)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out
Rhinestone nail gem color wheel

What do you think of my funky french tape mani? Does it reflect my inspirations?

Claws up! (Don't looks at my thumb!!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Orly Fowl Play

Hello all!

Today I will be doing my first swatch! As part of the amazing nail mail that I got from Maria, I received Orly's Fowl Play.  If you haven't seen it, it is an amazing dark purple jelly, with little flakies in it. In the sun, they look green, gold, and orange.  It also has microglitter that sparkles blue.  This color was sooooo gorgeous I just wanted to show you guys all of its beauty on its own.  Don't get me wrong though, I am already thinking of nail art I can make with Fowl Play. Get ready for lots of pictures, the color was so amazing I couldn't help myself!

Amazing bottle shot:

Here is a terrible photo:
I was working at the Bronx Zoo yesterday keeping an eye on our new red panda, Elliot.  I was admiring the amazingness of this polish in the sun and wanted to take a photo, but the camera on my ipod is terrible.  But if you look closely, you can see Elliot in the background sitting in a tree.

So what do you think of Fowl Play? Thanks again Maria!!

Claws up!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Hair Part 2

See New Hair Part 1

Happy daylight savings!

So last week, I got my hairs cut, and yesterday I finally got it dyed! So as promised, here is the completed look:

Platinum blonde!!

I was in the salon for 4 hours yesterday trying to get my dark brown hair to turn platinum, no easy task.  But it was worth the time because its finally how I have wanted it for a while! I also darkens my brown hair to dark brown/almost black so the blonde stands out more.

What do you think? I hope everyone likes it! And don't worry, I will have a nail related post coming soon.

Claws up!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Hair Part 1

Hello all! Well last week I got my hair cut! Yay! It was sooooo long, and I feel better with it short.  So I figured I'd share MY NEW HAIRCUT with you...

Because I'm Jewish:

Ok ok, on to my real new hair cut...

I got my bangs cut wayyyyy short! Finally they actually looks like bangs!

I got a feather put in my hair.  Well it's not a real feather.  As much as I am loving the feather look, I'm not sure how they get the feathers from the birds.  So I am making a conscious decision to avoid buying anything with feathers. Which makes me happy and said all at the same time...mostly sad.  So instead of a feather, this is a nylon hair extension, like Barbie hair.  Its dyed to look like a pink feather.  Unfortunately, I can't straight iron or curl it like the real feathers. Bleh. The things I do for fashion animals.

I tried to show the angle of my hair, it is cut from long in the front to short in the back.

I am loving my new hair cut. But wait, there's more!

Today I got my hair dyed.  I don't get my hair cut and dyed in the same place because I have different people that do each.  So stay tuned in tomorrow so see my new hair part 2! 

Claws up!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Happy Thursday!

Today I have some new things to show you.  On a (not so) recent Sally's trip, I picked up my first ever China Glaze, Sunset Sail.  I was on a mission for a nice, basic nude color and picked this one up.  In the bottle, I wasn't too enamored.  The color was a little off of what I was looking for, but it was the only nude I had seen in a while so I picked it up.  Well I put it on and I fell madly in love!

Sadly, application was terrible.  It was drippy and streaky and super thin, so here is 3 coats.  However the color is simple amazing. I little on the pinker side, which contrasts my olive skin. It also has teeny tiny glass-like shimmers that seriously is making me drool...

...Sorry about that, i had to clean the drool off my hands.

It is hard to capture the shimmer in photos, so here is a bottle shot:


As much as I could have worn this by itself, I wanted to try more of the amazing polishes that Maria sent me!  I decided to try a tape mani using Kleancolor's Holo Chrome.

Holo chrome is am amazing purple holo that looks absolutely stunning in the sun!

I love the purple chrome/nude color combination, but I definitely need more practice with my tape wedges. Any advice?

Here is what I used:
  Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
China Glaze - Sunset Sail

Base coat - Nailtiques Formula 2
Top coat - Seche Vite

What do you think of these colors?

Claws up!



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