Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Stash: The Evolution of my polished life

While I wait for my newest manicure to dry, I decided It was time to share with you guys how I store and test my little bottles of happiness.  Also, I wanted to invite ALL you wonderful bloggers to also do a post on how you store, swatch, and test out your nail art. I would love to see how everyone does it differently.

Now, lets step into my time machine, back to the days before Claws up and all out wonderful bloggers...

Now, you might all shudder at how I used to store my polish, but I was young, and only had about a dozen or so colors, so I just threw them all into my nail polish box.  My collection grew, and I added nail strips and other nail art supplies, and soon I realized throwing all my polishes in a bow all willy nilly wasn't going to cut it.

Scary I know.  And when I wanted some polish, I just had to dig around the box until I found what I was looking for.

So, I decided it was time to get more organized.  I tried to organize my polish within my box, so it was easier to find.

See, sort of orderly.  Then, I placed my nail art stuff on top.

But as i was blogging, I got more and more polishes, and they weren't fitting in my little box.  It was time to expand...

I cleared out a draw in my end table and got to work.

Here are all my polishes, in color order, lined up nicely so I can see them all.  It is so much easier to look for the right color and grab it fast!

Off to the side I have my nail art pens, crackle polishes, extra nail strip packs, loose glitter, and my top/base coats.

In the back, I have all my nail strips.  I even forgot I had some.  Its so much nicer that I can see all of them together!
My cat loves seeing what's going on.

But wait, there's more!

I am still using my nail polish box for my ever growing nail art supplies.
Oh so organized!  You can see blue painter's tape, sponges, nail glue, frankening supplies, and so much more!
 On top i have my stamping stuff and the plate I use to carry my polishes and supplies to my table.  I also so my nails on the plate, and use it as a pallet when I need to dip things into polish, like for dotting or splatter manis.  But that's not all its for...

I use the back of  the plate to test out my nail art and layering!  You might even spot some designs on here that I have blogged about! And keep your eyes pealed, I might be debuting some of these designs in the future!

Oh...and what is this?

A little bag next to my nail art box. It might be filled with...


That's right!  I will be having a give away in the near future, so stay tuned.

And remember bloggers, share how you keep your polishes and how you swatch/test your nail art, I'd love to see it! I hope you all enjoyed reading about how I do it, and I can't wait to see everyone else's stashes!

Claws up!


  1. Great stash, very organized!!!

  2. OMG I have that same Cinderella wash cloth!!! Hahaha so funny, I was obsessed with everything Cinderella growing up, and I still have it! But besides that, nice post! I like your end table it seems to be the perfect height for polish!

  3. I love how you store your polishes! I have to do something with mines too :)

    Missadelinne's Fanpage

  4. I used to store mine the same way (your first pic) but then they multiplied and I had to buy a helmer!

  5. i have been struggling trying to figure out how to store my nail polish for ages. you might have just inspired me to get more organized!! I'm excited about your giveaway!!

  6. YAY, ORGANIZATION. My polishes/polish accessories are the only things I OCD organize (well besides my under garments :P) and I love it. I've posted my polishes before, but not my accessories drawer. Perhaps this calls for a new stash post!

  7. Oh man there is no way I would share my polish storage, its embarrassing. The most I have "organized" is by keeping my swatched and untried separate. My living situation is temporary so I haven't committed to buying real storage until I settle down back home again, which will be in a month or two from now. So once that happens I'm going to work on my storage.

  8. You're so organized now! I'm so proud of you! lol

  9. My husband built me a nail polish shelf to hang on the wall and I had mine all organized on there... Then I quickly ran out of room on it and they started taking over the dresser! =P I am definitely thinking about investing in one of those Helmer things!

  10. Wow you have got lots!
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