Monday, March 5, 2012

Nail Mail (Glittergasm) + Robotic French

Why hello there!  Today I have got some lovely things to share.  First off, a few days ago I received some amazing nail mail from Maria at Nails Made Simple.  She really is the sweetest!  It was full of glitters, boy does she know what I like!  I am so happy that I made a great friend through blogging.  It really makes it worth while making friends with amazing girls that share my interests.

Orly in Fowl Play
Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic

Jade in Cosmic Shore and Blue Twilight

Kleancolor in Holo Chrome and Orchid Chrome

Seriously, how fantastic are these? I can't wait to try them all, so keep an eye out for them!  Thank you Maria, your are amazing! I love them all!

So naturally I wanted to try them out right away, so for today's mani I wanted to do a funky french. 

I started with Revlon in Metallic, and accented with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic.

First off, Metallic is an amazing silver metallic.  It goes on beautifully and is pretty much opaque in one coat, but here I have two on.  It is so pretty and shiny and amazing.  

Maria must be psychic because when I first saw the Gem Crush collection I almost picked up this one, but I forced myself to only get one.  I am so happy that I have Bling-Tastic in my collection too!  It has amazing blue glitter, with some big silver hex glitter in the mix, in a clear base.  Compared to Big Money, Bling-Tastic needed either some more coats to be opaque, or to be layered over another color.  It took some effort to cover my naked nail and to distribute the sliver hex glitters, but it was well worth it!

I decided to mattify my left hand to see how the glitter looked.

I really like it matte too!  I can't decided if I like it better shiny or matte.  Heck, this glitter is so amazing it would look good with mud over it too!

Here is what I used:
Revlon in Metallic
Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic

So what do you think of my nail mail and this mani? Thank you again Maria, I really appreciate the love! <3 

Claws up!


  1. Love the glittery french tips! Those Kleancolors look amazing, too!

  2. Bling-tastic is my favorite Gem Crush! ^.^

    1. when i got it i thought of you because i know you have it :-p

  3. OMGLITTERRRRR!! Oh I'm so jealous, so much sparkly! The Jade polishes look really interesting, will keep an eye out for them! And great robotic french, I love it matte!

    1. haha thanks!! i know, i can't wait to try them. yay i like it matte too!

  4. Oh this is awesome .. Maria is really sweet :)

  5. Love the space party(first thing that cam to mind when I saw the sparkly french) on your nails ;). I'm also curious about Orchid Chrome.

  6. aww thanks Jacqueline <3 im super glad you like the polishes , i know its not a lot but its just a small gift for being super patient with me ;)

    your mani looks so cute! in my opinion i love it mattefied ,i've been into Matte manis lately so its no surprise! .lol

    wear KC Holo Chrome on a sunny day ! its seriously the best purple holo in the world <3 its my favorite!




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