Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guest Post: Nail Polish Anonymous Lady Gaga for Her Nails

Hey guys! I have a special treat for you today!  Since I am still out of a laptop, I have another guest post for you guys.  When Jessica told me she wanted to swatch Lippmann's Edge of Glory on my blog I nearly DIED since I have been lemming for this one ever since it came out.  Now I get to live vicariously through Jessica :-P  Mmmmm nail polish and Gaga obsessions...

Hi darlings I'm Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous and I've taken over Jacqueline's blog. I recently did a nail polish swap and in it was Deborah Lippmann's Edge of Glory polish set. I'm a Deborah Lippmann nut, I love all her polishes so my first thought was yay Deborah Lippmann and my second thought was Jacqueline would love this so I thought there was no better place to do this than on Claws Up so without further ado on with the polish.

Okay so Deborah Lippmann's Edge of Glory was a polish set is a collaboration with none other than Lady Gaga for Gaga's Workshop at Barney's in NY. I've noticed a lot of her polishes that I love so much are Barney exclusives like this one. This set came in this awesome box....

Inside are 2 polishes a jelly black and a flackie that's red, blue, and a hint of green.

Now the black polish is just that a black polish.... which I was in need of...

Then her flackie polish, I love the flackie polish because most of my flackies you have to do a couple of coats before you get the look your going for or they come in a 10ml bottle but this one is a one coat and your done it's a kinda thick but not to thick polish and it's like all her full size bottles 15ml... here's a look at what it looks like by itself...
 And close of up the bottle...

 And now for the magic when black polish meets flackies...

It's official I love this duo, it's easy to apply, dry time was amazing and it looks stunning! Now it's not hard to be able to dupe this polish since their are alot of flackie polishes out there for Hit's and Up polish you can get at Llarowe's or Ninja Polish to you neighborhood Sally's for some of their Finger Paints polishes but this one flackie I will say has made me the most gaga for lol I had to say it!

So since I have finally been able to take over Jacqueline's Blog I wanted to try out a Lady Gaga nail design for her so this is the first time I saw Lady Gaga in her Poker Face video all those years back here's a design she wore, granted now as great as Gaga's but I tried for Jacqueline....

Just for you darling thank you for letting me be a guest blogger for you.... now back to my little world.

Thank you so much, Jessica, for these awesome Lady Gaga nails!  She really is the sweetest, and I'm so happy she wanted to take over my blog for a day.  What do you think of Edge of Glory and her AWESOME Pokerface nails? I know that I'm in love!

Claws (and PAWS) up!!


  1. Love it! I've always wanted to try a Deborah Lippman nail polish because they look so great! Cool nails!

  2. I freakin love this! Fantastic collaboration girls!!

  3. The flakies look fantastic! I love the heart on the nail in the 2nd mani!

  4. Ooooh gorgeous flakies, they look fantastic over black! Great guest post!




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