Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is this happening to you?

Hey bloggers! have you had this problem?:

 I follow just over 90 blogs, but my reading list only shows about 80. I know for a fact because my best friend's blog sometimes wont show up. I have to refresh about 20 times before it will show all the blogs i am following. I was just wondering if this is happening to anyone else :(

Let me know if you know how to fix it.

Claws up.


  1. No, that's not happening to me. I really have no idea how to fix that. Sorry. Hope it's fixed soon!

  2. I haven't had that problem, but I did start reading my blogs through google reader and I like it a lot better than the new blogger lay out. You can also add blogs right to google reader.

  3. try to change the browser... mine won't let me post the pics so i switch from chrome to firefox :-(




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