Monday, May 7, 2012

Magnets and Stamping and Glitter Oh My!

Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posting.  I have been getting more hours at my job which sadly leaves little time for blogging :( But I'm trying my best to do my nails and post when I can!

As I mentioned, my nails have been breaking left and right this past week, so I had to file them down A LOT. Blech.  I tend to like dark colors on my short nails, and light colors when my nails are long.  So I decided to go to the Dark Side for this manicure while my nails are super short. I hope they grow back soon. Grow nails, grow!

For this manicure I went for something bold and fun.  I wanted to combine different looks into one manicure and I think I accomplished just that.  I started with a magnetic polish.  I am always looking for different ways to wear magnetic polishes so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!  I haven't stamped in a while and my plates were getting lonely, so I whipped them out and decided to stamp over the magnetic polish.  But of course no manicure would be complete without glitter, so I finished off with some loose glitter at my cuticles.  I hope you guys like the final product!

It was really hard taking photos with all the glitter, it kept making my photos blurry :(  I hope you guys don't get too dizzy looking at these blurry nails!

Here is what I used:
17 Magnetized Nail Polish (grey/black/silver)
Revlon Top Speed in Metallic
Splash Nail Art Glitter in Onyx
Salon Express Image Plate SE11

What do you think of this look? Is it too much look for you, or the right amount of pizzazz? 

Claws up!


  1. I like it, but I think maybe it's a little cluttered. I think it would be amazing with just the magnetic polish and stamping. Cool though!

  2. Cute! Its like glam fishnets :) I prefer to wear dark colors on short nails too...they just look so much better that way :)

  3. I like this a lot!!! I may have to try something like this!

  4. more hours means more money! more money means more polish! so hey!! it all works out your mani came out great Jacquie! i love it <3

  5. cool... don't worry, nails will grow up :-D

  6. I like the stamping & magnetic combo! It's really different! ^.^

  7. I love the combo of magnetic polish & stamping, and the glitter makes it all the more awesome! And I agree about dark colors on short nails... I really like that look!

  8. Omg THIS! I am in love, and will be copying this, iffins you don't mind! =D

    1. i'd LOVE to see your take on this!!

    2. I'm on it, then! =D Can't promise when...but soon!




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