Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purple is the New Red and Blue

Hey guy! Mani time!

For this one I decided to go back to my nail doing roots: purple and glitter. Mmmm, that is my happy place...

I started with Milani Purple Passion, a perfect medium to dark purple with a hit of shimmer. This is the first purple nail polish I bought when I first first started to get really into doing my nails. I wanted a basic, yet pretty purple. Not to dark or light or bright, its just right!

I decided to top it with a glitter I picked up in Duane Reade.  I haven't been in a Duane Reade in forever!  The closest drugs stores to me are CVS and Harmon, so that's where 90% of my polishes come from.  I was visiting my boyfriend in PA and we had to go to the drugstore for godknowswhat, and of course I picked up some polishes.  It was such a breath of fresh air to look at new brands and colors I have never seen. When I spotted L.A. Glitter Addict I was floored! It took everything in me to save my money and only pick up one bottle.  But to make up for it I grabbed the one with the most kinds of glitter in it.  But who is really surprised at all by that?

L.A. Glitter Addict's Celebrate is a glitter top coat with a clear base and red, blue, magenta, and silver hex glitters and micro glitters.  All the other glitters were just one color, but this beauty has 4!  And what better to layer this over then a perfect purple? Here is what I came up with:

This is 2 coats of Celebrate over 2 coats of Purple Passion.  I really loved wearing this mani.  Sometimes I would look down and catch the beauty of the multicolored glitter over the radiant purple and I would even impress myself! Ohh whose beautiful hands are those? Mine? Then I would walk into a wall from being so distracted looking at my hands.

Here is what I used:

L.A. Glitter Addict in Celebrate
Milani in Purple Passion

What do you think of this glitter? Love it as much as I do?

Claws up!


  1. That is such a fun glitter! It is so colorful and pretty! ^.^

  2. Oooh glitter!! Love it! I'm thinking we need to take a trip to Duane Reade!

  3. This is super fun!!! But then again anything called Celebrate sort of has to be right? :P

  4. This is super cute and I love the glitter!! =)

  5. love the nails!
    the glitter is an amazing touch :)

  6. Awesome glitter, I love it over purple!

  7. lovely combo, you must love it :-D




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