Saturday, June 16, 2012

Its true, I was Born into Privilege

I'm back!..Back in the New York groove! Yes that was necessary.

But really, I finally have a working lap top again!  My hard drive broke, and right after that was fixed, the place where you plug in the power cord broke! Ah! I have the worst luck! Thankfully I had most of my files backed up on my dad's computer so I only lost a few photos, not too bad considering! While I was on my blogging hiatus I was still polishing away, so I have a few manis from the past two weeks to show you, yay!

Today's is a swatch of one awesome glitter explosion!  While in PA I picked up a polish from the Wet n Wild Coloricon line which are colorful holo glitter polishes.  Now I love glitter top coats, but I really really love glitter polishes.  What can I say? I have glitter in my veins.

Here is Wet n Wild Born into Privilege.

Born into Privilege is a light green holo glitter POLISH with pink, red, green, light blue, gold and silver hex glitter. Can you say ah-maze-ing?

It was a little hard to capture the color, it looks a bit lighter in the photos than it really is. The first two bottle shot pictures I took most accurately show the color.  I love how glittery this polish was.  I loved wearing it out in the sunny weather.

What do you think of this glitter polish? And glitter polishes in general?

Claws up!


  1. Glad your computer is fixed! I like that the polish looks exactly like what's in the bottle because sometimes that's not always the case, and then I'm sad. lol

  2. Welcome back! What do I think of glitters? Everything is always better with some glitter :)

  3. oh boy, i would love to be born into privilege *.*




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