Monday, June 4, 2012

an other unfortunate update

Anndd.... My laptop is broken again :( This time its the hard drive, uhg!  So again I will be laptopless and sadly, blogless until I can get it fixed.  I will still be doing my nails and participating in the Photo-a-Day challenge and as soon as I can get my laptop fixed and all my info back on it I will get right back into posting. I'm sorry again guys, I'm just as sad about this :(


  1. I'm sorry, I hope you'll get it fixed soon.

  2. Sorry about your computer, Jackie! I really hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. Such a bummer! Sorry to hear about your computer :(

  4. What hard drive problems exactly? Did it show some signs beforehand, or didn’t it just boot up one day? It is really depressing to have no laptop, even temporarily. I totally understand what you’re going through. I’m crossing my fingers, though that you were able to get all your important files.

    Darryl Housand

  5. Did the technician tell you what caused the damage on your hard drive? I think you should ask them for proper maintenance tips so that you won’t have to encounter this kind of problem again. I do hope that you’ll be able to find a replacement soon. ;D

    Benita Bolland




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