Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey guys! For today's post I want to talk about caring for your nails at work, on the train, and just running errands.  I am talking about nail care on-the-go.  How many times are you out and about and you break a nail, or your cuticles get dried out?  Personally, I work with my hands a lot while at work, and I often break a nail.  I hate the feeling of a sharp jagged edge.  I also wash my hands a lot, since I work with dogs, and It really does a number on my cuticles.

Recently while on a shopping trip with Sara I found an awesome solution! I am talking about Portables by Essence of Beauty. It contains travel sized nail files and a cuticle oil pen!

How perfect is this! It can fit really easily into your purse or car.  They are perfect to travel with, or just to keep handy in a nail emergency!  They are $5 and CVS, but I picked on mine on sale for half off. I love a good deal!

The first thing I checked out was the nail files. This kit comes with 12 in a matchbook style case.  Just fold back the paper and rip one out!  They are small and flat to fit any purse and are perfect to take care of an unexpected nail break.

Next was the cuticle oil pen.  How cute is this!  It looks like one of those little key chain sharpies!  It has a key ring if you want to add it to your keys, or you can slip it easily into your purse.

The pen has a felt tip which makes applying the oil to the cuticles really precise which us nice if you are running around.  However not too much comes out you you might need a few swipes of the pen to get enough oil.  I did notice that it helped my dry cuticles.

Overall I think this kit is very cute and useful, especially for a nail blogger or another girl (or guy) that likes to take care of their nails. 

Have you guys tried Portables by Essence of Beauty? Will you be picking one up?

Claws up!


  1. So cute! I didn't realize that the emery boards came like matchbook!

  2. I love that cuticle oil key chain pen!! Great find!! ^.^

  3. This is cute! I would love to have the cuticle oil pen.

  4. I never have nail stuf in my bag :-)

  5. This is great! I love that it looks like a little marker, and attaches to a keychain. I'd definitely check this out!




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