Friday, July 13, 2012

The Wall

"All in all you were all just bricks in the wall."

It took me forever to find a lyric to start off the blog entry with, but I finally decided on the last line of Another Brick In The Wall Part 3.  The Wall is one of my favorite albums of all time!  Probably my favorite right behind Lady Gaga.  Each song is amazing, beautifully written, and the music is both haunting and powerful.  The whole album is one cohesive story about the wall we put up when we are in pain or dealing with tough problems.  Every time something bad happens in our lives we need to add another brick in the wall.

Sorry for my babbling, I know this is a nail blog after all.  These nails were inspired by The Wall.  My boyfriend and I got a "surprise" gift from his dad this weekend and we are 90% sure its Roger Waters tickets!!!  I am so excited beyond any words but I haven't told many people just in case we are wrong.  Regardless, the album is very important to me, and therefore should get to be a manicure!

As you can see the album art is very simple, however the movie is filled with intense imagery so I wanted to combine the two.

 I started with a white base, then I stamped a plaid print in grey.  I know its not exactly bricks, but I thought it was pretty darn close.  Then I added some red..things? Haha I don't know what they are! They can be bursts, or flowers, or W's.  The movie is full of flowers and red hammers and other symbols so it just seemed fitting.  Hey not every mani needs to have rhyme or reason behind it. Right? 

I found my little The Wall box! 

Overall I accomplished my goal making a mani that reminds me of The Wall.  Now I gotta cross my polished fingers that my boyfriend's dad got us tickets to the concert this weekend!

Here is what I used:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement
Love My Nails in White
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Cinna-Snap

What do you think of my Wall inspired mani?  And do you guys like Pink Floyd/The Wall too?

Claws up!


  1. This is really, really cool! I love how the red almost looks like blood!

  2. rock on! this mani is fabulous!

  3. I don't think I have ever seen a mani inspired by Pink Floyd before! Well done!! ^.^

  4. Love your nails!
    You are so original :)

  5. Love the manicure, and love the inspiration! I think the grey plaid stamp turned out really well for the "wall". Nicely done!




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