Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cat Shoes. Meow!

Yes, that is what I said, cat shoes!  As you know I am kind of obsessed with my cat, Muffin, and pretty much just cats in general.  I have accepted my fate as a crazy cat lady and I choose to embrace it!  When my best friend, Sara, showed me these shoes my reaction was "hahaha crazy cat lady shoes...omg they are so cute I need them!"  I also love that they are completely vegan and human made.  So, of course, I bought them.

How freaking cute!  They also fit perfectly and are so comfy! These have become my new favorite shoes in my huge collection.  I can't wait to make loads of outfits with these and wear them all the time!

What do you think of my new cat shoes? Gonna grab a pair for yourself?

Claws up!




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