Friday, August 3, 2012

Glitter Bomb...Matte or Shiny?

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Hello!  For today's nails I am going to show you a style I have wanted to try out for a while: the glitter bomb!  I love how they look, all the different glitters together always create an amazing look.  The reason I kept putting it off was the inevitable removal process that will then follow.

I love how glitters look matte! I am have been meaning to use my matte top coat more often, but what happens is I paint my nails and they are all glittery and shiny and I don't want to change it!  So I kept my right hand shiny and I mattified my left hand.  Which look is better? You decide!

Also, I seriously apologize for the state of my cuticles.  I thought about taking a polish break until they looks a little better, but I just couldn't let my nails get arrested for public indecency. So let's just ignore my ugly cuticles and look at my glittery nails. Ooohh glitter!

I started with Wet N Wild's Born Into Privilege, which is an amazing glitter POLISH (not top coat) with green micro glitter with lots of other colored hex glitters.  I showed you guys Born Into Privilege  here.

Then I layered Lippmann's Happy Birthday, followed by Barielle's Starchild.  A swipe of Seche on each hand, with Esse's Matte About You on my left hand only completed the look.  

Here is my rarely seen right hand with the shiny version of this look:

Over all I loved this look! I'm sad it took me so long to try a glitter bomb.  I love all the different colors, sizes, and types of glitter and how they all seem to fit well together. 

Here is What I used:
Wet N Wild Coloricon in Born Into Privilege
Deborah Lippmann in Happy Birthday
Barielle in Star Child

So now for the moment of truth, which version do you like better, matte or shiny?  I think the matte looks like an elegant ball, while the shiny looks like a sweet 16 party.  They are both different but pretty in their own way and  I can't decide which one I like better.

What do you think of my glitter bomb look?  What are your favorite glitters to use in glitter bombs?

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  1. I never would've thought to make glitter nail polish matte! Very cool!

  2. MATTE! Glitter polish always looks better matte!

  3. I love both but matte is def much more eye catching to me :-)

  4. Awesome glitter bomb! I like the shiny version best...whats a glitter bomb without eye blinding sparkle??

  5. I am loving the glitter-overload
    Fantastic work :)

  6. Wow! Stunning- can't decide whether I like it matte or shiny better!




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