Monday, August 6, 2012

Pink and Black Skittles

My 100 post giveaway is still going on!

Hello!  For today's look I have two colored skittles.  Neon colors are popular this summer, but I have loved them since I was a little kid!  My favorite is neon pink, and I have had this beauty in a bottle for a few years already.  I love the way neon colors look with black, so I decided to try a different mani on each nail using neon pink and black.

My index finger is a gradient, on my middle I'm rocking some abstract 50/50 dotticure, my ring finger is a half moon look, and then stamping on my pinky.

I know almost everyone is over crackle, but I am still a fan.  I finished with crackle on my thumb.

I can't get over how much I like the hot pink crackle over black!

Here is what I used:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out
Color Club in Pink Rush
LASplash Crackle'd in Love'd

What do you think of my 2-toned skittle mani?  Which digit is your favorite?

Claws up!


  1. So cool! I'm always a fan of hot pink and black together, they look fab!

  2. The colors look great together!

  3. I love this entire mani! I am really loving that shade of pink! Seriously great job!

  4. great color combo, cool idea to do different look on every nail :-D

  5. Love the colors and especially the gradiant!

  6. I like the gradient and stamped nails! ^.^

  7. this is so much fun! awesome skittle!

  8. I really love this and how the style for each nail is different. I love the gradient nail the best though! I need to try something like this :)




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