Monday, September 24, 2012

A fun day with Sara!

I am trying to win the chance to create my own Julep nail polish color on Pinterest. Please follow my board :)

Hey guys! Again, as promised, here are the photos from my day with Sara lasts weekend. We went to Party City to pick up some fake blood that I need for my Halloween costume, but when we go to Party City we always end up trying one lots of ridiculous things.  We ended our day in Target buying some awesome things.

Its not likely you'd ever see these guys together!

I grew out my side burns, ya like?

Most. Awesome. Mask. EVER!

Because who doesn't need an entire gallon of blood?

Amazballs dress I got at target.  Its way too long thought so I am going to get it tailored.

Yes, I did buy the spider-man hat.

I love this sign! It has cats AND Halloween! How can you get any better then that?

Claws up!




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