Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Girl Fingers

Hello! Today I'm back to a normal nail post.  Unfortunately, my nails have been breaking like crazy. It's really terrible, just when they get to a not to nubby length, they all break again.  So I had to file them all down :(

Recently I was at CVS and I was browsing the on sale table like usual, and I spotted Milani Techno Red, which is part of their neon line.  It looked like nothing I had in my collection and it was on sale so I knew I had to pick it up!  Its sort of a bright peachy/pinky/reddish color that is super sheer, almost jelly-like.  For the first time trying this polish, I decided to make use of its jelliness and I went for a bright jelly sandwich.

The traditional jelly sandwich usually calls for large glitters, but I opted for a micro glitter look.  I though the smaller glitters toned down the brightness of the polish.  However, the color looked a lot lighter on my nails than in the bottle.  I thought it would me more like a neon red and less of a pink.  I fee like the glittery hot pink mixed with my nubby nails made it look like I had little girl hands.

Here's what I used:
Milani in Techno Red
Milani in Diamond Dazzle

I feel like this layering kind of looks like it is its own pink shimmer polish.  I am excited to try different layering combinations with it.  Definintly over white for a more classic neon look, but since it is so jelly like I might later it over some other colors to give them a pink tint.

What do you think of this bright jelly sandwich and Milani Techno Red? What layering should I try next with it?

Claws up!


  1. Well I think you have beautiful little girl hands! I like the color of the nail polish!

  2. Love this neon glitter jelly sandwich! So cool!

  3. I really like the jelly sandwich look with the smaller glitter! Very cool.

  4. It looks so cute!
    I think it would look fantastic with a darker shade beneath it as well :)

  5. I really like these together! It is a beautiful pink and that is a gorgeous glitter! ^.^




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