Friday, September 21, 2012

Look Book: Summer Neons Turned Fall

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Hello! So as promised, I am going to show you the outfit I wore when hanging out with Sara a few days ago.  We had so much fun! We both work and she goes to school so lately I havn't been able to see my bestie.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and shopping day. And of course in my next post I will show you what I picked up (as well as some silly photos).  I aboslutly love neons and I have for a long time.  I know this summer neons have been really popular so it was great to be able to stock up on neon clothes while there are around.  While I love my neons, I love fall even more!  One thing I couldn't wait to do was break out my scarves, and of course they are neon!

Meow! I love these cat shoes! They would be perfect for Halloween too. I hate orange but I might need to find something orange to wear with them.

What do you think of this bright purple and yellow outfit?  Do you think neons are just for the summer, or can they be worn year-round too?

Claws up!


  1. Cute outfit! I LOVE the pants!

  2. I think neon can be worn year round with more fall-like colors and neutrals.

  3. I love that scarf! This is a really cute outfit! ^.^

  4. Cute outfit fabulous pants

  5. I really like your scarf!
    Also love your kitty flats, so cute :)

  6. you look so adorable! love all the bright colours in your outfit :D

  7. Love this outfit! Especially your scarf and deep purple pants. Fantastic!

  8. cute shoes!




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