Saturday, September 29, 2012

OPI So So Skullicious

Good Morning! It's not very often that I just show you guys swatches of polish, actually I have NEVER really swatched before (just applied a color, snapped the photo, and took it right off).  If I paint my nails it usually stays on a few days. So for today I have some legit swatching to show you all!

When I first saw that OPI was releasing a Day of the Dead line of polishes I nearly died (get it?)! I absolutely love the Day of the Dead.  All the colors, the darkness but also the colors of everything! I also love that it is about celebrating life rather than being sad about death. Oh and not to mention that the Day of the Dead is on my BIRTHDAY. Bam! Needed this collection in my life!

The packaging is so awesome! It have a big sugar skull on front and a window to see all the polishes.  It also came with flower and sugar skull nail decals.  It has 4 mini bottles of polishes, however the colors are not too unique.

Hi, Pumpkin! is an orange creme. It is a pretty basic orange that is a staple in any polish collection. Application was pretty good, but a bit thin. This is 3 coats.

A-Rose From Death is a very nice hot pink.  It isn't neon but it is still bold. Application was also a bit thin, this is 3 coats again.

Mourning Glory is a black creme. It is not really unique, but it is a nice polish with a great shiny finish.  Application was better with this one, this is 2 coats.

Candlelight is what I would call an in between yellow. It is bright but not neon, but still on the darker side.  I don't have anything like it in my collection so it was a great addition for me.  This had the worst application however, it was very thin, needing 4 coats. I think I will wear this one with some underwear next time.

Here are the nail decals it came with. I can't want to try them for an awesome Day of the Dead mani! Halloween (and the Day of the Dead) is coming up soon!

What do you think of OPI's So So Skullicious collection?

Claws up!


  1. ahhhhh this is SO CUTE! esp. 'Hi Pumpkin' and the decals. Where did you find this? and What exactly is Day of the Dead?

    1. i actually bought it on Amazon! the day of the dead (or Dia de los Muertos) is a mexian holiday. it is 2 days after halloween (november 2-which is also my birthday!). it is a day for people to celebrate the lives of people in their lives that have passed away. families will go to the grave sites and decorate them with flowers and sugar sculls. and people play music and dance and just have a good time. i love the idea of celebrating someones life that has passed instead of being sad about it. plus i love the colorful sugar sculls!

  2. Love this set, I just tried them out yesterday. Candlelight was suchhhh a pain though! But nice swatches :)

  3. I really love those decals and I actually like the yellow, but it sucks that it needed 4 coats to be so bright.

  4. I love this collection, they're all so pretty!

  5. I think I need this just for the stickers!

  6. I like the colors but I think OPI needs to add some creme-glitter nail polishes...




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