Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sephora Nail Bling Black Rainbow

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is a bit late.  Its Yom Kippur here in the Jewish world and I am fasting all day so I figured I'd take my mind off of my stomach and get to some posting!  As you all know I love nail strips.  One of the most popular brands is Sally Hansen.  But about a year ago I spotted some at Sephora. They had amazing 3D designs is fun colors and I fell in love.  So for my birthday (yes almost a whole year ago) my mom got me a set called Black Rainbow. I am terrible at getting around to trying new things, don't judge.

These strips are freaking awesome! They are like hundreds of multicolored rhinestones on a black background.  But they are all soft so you can cut them if you need to shorten the strips.  They really give a bold and unique look.

Here is the breakdown of the differences between the Sephora nail strips and Sally Hansen:

Material: Sally Hansen-Real nail polish/Sephora-Plastic

Application: Sally Hansen-Since are real polish they are much thinner so they break easier, and they stick on right away so you need to be exact when you place them on your nail because if you mess up you can't fix it/Sephora-They are more rigid and less fragile when working with them and if you mess up they can peal off so you can fix them

Shaping: Sally Hansen-Once you put them on your nail they are super easy to file off the excess and shape them perfectly yo you nail/Sephora-They are much harder to shape to you nail and it takes some extra time to get it right

Process: Sally Hansen-Place the strips right on out clean and unpolished nail/Sephora-They recommend starting with a base coat

Length: Sally Hansen-Longer, I can easily cut one strip in half to fit on 2 nails and still have excess/Sephora-Shorter, they are JUST long enough to cut in half to fit on 2 nails but some nails there wasn't quite enough

Wear: Sally Hansen-They last on my nails about 7 days with some minor tip wear and chipping before they peal off/Sephora-After 2 days the whole strip came right off my nail and I had to glue them all back on

Removal: Sally Hansen-Come off with nail polish remover and some elbow grease/Sephora-You need to peal them off

Designs: Sally Hansen- They have a lot of patterns, but most of them are pretty easy to recreate yourself/Sephora-The designs are a lot more elaborate and have a lot of 3D looks

Overall they both have their pros and cons and I will continue to buy both of them

Here's what I used:

What do you think of Sephora nail strips comapired to Sally Hansen? Which ones will you be using? Do you like the Black Rainbow nail strips?

Claws up!


  1. Wow, those look so great!! Love the colors and ombre look!

  2. wow, i would love to try them... this doesn't look so hard to recreate but it's so much easier with strips i suppose :D

  3. Even though they are harder to shape, they look amazing!

  4. Super cool! Love the textured look on these. I've only tried Sally Hansens (and love it) but would like to try these, too. Thanks for breaking down the differences between them!

  5. These look great! Awesome post and comparison

  6. Aww man I love those appliques, especially that one. I never get them though just though just because I think it'll be hard for me to put them on. I'll just stick to nail art. I do a lot of fashion inspired nail art, I would love if you drop by :D

    Nail Art Couture
    I do a lot of fashion inspired nail art, I would love if you drop by :D

  7. I LOVE these nail strips! They are so cute!!

  8. Love these! Very cute and fun! I saw some the other day at a Trade Secret I should have bought a set! They were on sale. Granted I have no idea why they were selling Sephora stuff.

  9. So pretty! I love the gradient look:)




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