Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Would Macgyver Do?

Good morning!  One of my favorite things to do is to look at all of your wonderful manicures! When I see one I absolutely love (and looks like something even I could recreate) I save it to my inspirations folder.  And my mani this morning came from there.  Well actually it came from Rebecca Likes Nails!  She made a gorgeous mani using Lippmann's Let's Go Crazy and Happy Birthday.  Well I thought it was so gorgeous I wanted to recreate it! One problem. I don't own Let's Go Crazy. But I do have Happy Birthday, so I improvised :)

Any guesses on how I made my own Let's Go Crazy?

Hmmm. Figure it out yet?

Ok, cast your votes, the answer after the break!

Here's What I used:
Orly in Fowl Play
Deborah Lippmann in Happy Birthday

Did anyone guess a jelly sandwich with Fowl Play and Happy Birthday? I know Fowl play has some flakies in it too, but the color and finish is pretty close to Let's Go Crazy. Also, Let's Go Crazy has the same assortment of glitters as Happy Birthday (and Candy Shop for that matter).

In the end I love this look! Sadly, it was a little hard to capture the Happy Birthday glitters under Fowl Play in photos. But I think the look is pretty neat!

What do you think of my homage to Rebecca Likes Nails, and my make shift Let's Go Crazy?

Claws up!


  1. This looks awesome! What a great idea to do a sandwich with Fowl Play!

  2. this is just great, awesome manicure :-D

  3. Great job and great Macgyvering!

  4. that's a great idea! so pretty!

  5. This is genius! I would've never thought to put those two together.

  6. I love how this came out! So awesome!

  7. Fantastic- I love how the glitter is applied here, so cool. When I saw Rebecca do it, it caused a huge lemming for me, and now I'm craving this combo all over again!

  8. This is actually a really awesome idea! I might have to try this!




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