Monday, November 26, 2012

Shipping Polish

Hey guys just a quick post tonight, I have a question for everyone!

So, I am really starting to think about starting a polish line.  I love looking at all the indies and reading their blogs, and it just seems like so much fun, and a really wonderful way to connect with other polish addicts out there.  I have seen a number of indie makers that even donate some of the proceeds of their polishes to charity which I think is awesome!  I often day dream about what I would call my line if I had one, and the different collections I'd make, and even which animal shelter I would want to donate to.  Right now I am living at home and do not have the money or space to start it up.  But I plan on moving in a few months, so I have been thinking more seriously about my own line.


Here's the problem.  When I had my 100 post giveaway, I mailed the winner her 3 polishes and 1 loose glitter.  I went to the USPS but they turned me away and told me they could not ship polish.  So I had to use FedEx which charged me $12 to ship them! I know from indie stores that its only costs about $4-5 to ship 3 bottles of polish.

So my question for everyone is how do you ship your polishes? I don't want to charge my buyers $12 for shipping, that is insane!  I know most of you either have indie lines or have held giveaways.  I would know to know how you guys ship your polishes so cheap. Who do you use to ship? Do you lie and tell them its not nail polish? HELP!  Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks every one!
Claws up!


  1. I lie and ship USPS. As long as you're not shipping internationally, they don't need to know what is in the package. When shipping internationally and filling out customs forms you would want to write "cosmetics" and not nail polish. Hope this helped!

  2. I do the same thing as Lawless Lacquer. I just make sure to write fragile on the outside and if they ask, tell them it's cosmetics :) Also, everything I've won from giveaways has come through USPS (unless it's from a big name company).

  3. They don't ask anything overhere, that's easy hihihi

  4. I don't know how the shipping with polish works :( I've only ordered from my own country as I worked out the TAX might be quite high. I am interested to see what creations you come up with though!

  5. I ship USPS. Since I use paypal shipping for domestic packages, no one asks any questions. ;)
    For international packages, I do the same as Lawless Lacquer. I know other's post offices will question just writing "cosmetics" but mine never has.

  6. Lie...there's no need for them to know whats in the package if its shipped domestic. If you ship international declaire the items as "cosmetics". I've had no problem so far. The same thing happened to me the first time I tried to ship and I accidently mentioned it was polish. Then I went to another post office the next day and didn't tell them.

  7. I'm on board with everyone else. I just use USPS and either they never ask what is in the box, and if they do, I almost always have nail stickers, or some sort of makeup in there also, and just tell them it is cosmetics... so technically I am not lying, because it does contain cosmetics! =P




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