Monday, March 11, 2013

Any Ciate Doupes?

Hey everyone!  As you all know I finally got through the Ciate mini mani month.  It was a really nice collections that's good for both the polish noob, and the avid collector. It had a lot of polish staples like reds and pinks, but also unique and fun colors, including 4 bottles of the caviar pearls.  While I loved finding new colors behind each door to add to my collection, sometimes I'd get a color that I thought I already had.  SO I decided to go through my polishes and try to find if I had any doupes of the polishes in the Ciate Mini Mani Month. Here's what I found:

 photo 3d1aa30e-a80c-462f-8ffb-a9c907db901f_zpsbe409b44.jpg

The box came with 2 different red polishes, and while I don't have many reds in my own collection, I wanted to see how they compared with the ones I have. As you can see, every polish is really different, from deep red, to a more coral shade.

Red Glitter
 photo af726122-4955-42d4-883b-0ce4d3da7bb0_zps64ccf1d6.jpg

One of the limited edition polishes it came with was a red glitter, Enchanted Rose.  The only other glitter polish I have is Red Carpet, which is red glitter in a red base.  I tried layering Enchanted Rose over Dangerous Affair to see how they compare. They were pretty close, but no cigar.

 photo a03fa760-e10c-4d58-8f77-1cb8562080e2_zpsf320ad72.jpg

When I first saw the gold, I was sure that it was going to be an exact doupe for a gold I already had.  After looking at them side by side, its easy to see Ladylike Luxe is much more yellow than Golden I.  I am really happy these 2 golds are so different, I can definitely justify owning both.

 photo 22c66d65-7d7e-4288-ba2c-5c0263a17c9c_zpse8c6cc73.jpg

Big Yellow Taxi was a light yellow cream.  I thought It was going to be pretty similar to Unicorn, but Unicorn is much lighter.  Unfortunately, they both have the same thin formula.

 photo b0d0dbb2-dfe0-47f4-916f-428fbd9e68de_zpsd2706830.jpg

I think I have more blues in my collection that any other color, so when I got Power Dressing, I thought it might be pretty similar to polishes I already had. It is pretty close the an unnamed dark blue polish that I got from Hot Topic.  Its not quite as close to Royal, which is my favorite amazing electric blue.

Blue Glitter
 photo 31ea001e-5c3d-498e-9ecd-c3afaf6ebf46_zpsc51d409b.jpg

As I was doing this comparison, I realized that I had a second blue glitter in my collection.  I applied 1 and 2 coats of Glass Slipper and Blue Twilight.  Blue Twilight gets much more coverage and has larger and more uniform glitters.  I would definitely need to use them both for different manis.

 photo 21d9b509-9c57-4fdb-8658-977d1631396c_zpsc4fc5a1e.jpg

At the end of this, just for fun, I wanted to see what all my grays looked like together.  I knew that they wouldn't be doupes, but I just wanted to compare them anyway.  Its nice having all kinds of grays.  I might try a grey ombre look, or even use them for shading in some nail art.

Overall I was very surprised that I didn't find any doupes, I really thought with so many colors similar to ones I have, a few of them would have been doupes. I am really happy that each polish in this collection is really unique from the polishes I already own.

What do you think of these polishes? Are the different enough to have all of them, or are they too similar?

Claws up!


  1. It's nice to have polishes in various shades of the same color just in case you want to use it! Nothing sucks more than wanting to use dark blue and not having it, right?

  2. Only the dark blues look a bit similar :)

  3. wow, love all these! i do hate how unicorn's formula isn't as great as some of the others in the collection, though :/ meh.

  4. Beautiful mini mani set! I will certainly have to put Ciate on my list now!

  5. That's pretty awesome that they're all fairly unique to your collection!




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