Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil Review

Hey everyone! I am really excited about today's review.  I am a BzzAgent, which means I get the opportunity to try new products FOR FREE and tell everyone about them!  The more you complete surveys and review the products, your BzzScore goes up, which means you get even more opportunities to review free things! You also get My Points, which can be redeemed for more free stuff! Today I have NEW Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil to show you guys.

This dry oil combines olive, avocado, and shea oils into one amazing spray bottle.  What is really great about it is that it can be sprayed on your hands, skin, hair, face, almost anywhere you need.

I was really happy about getting to try this, especially in the winter, since as we all know winter can leave your skin and hair really dry.  Of course the first place I sprayed this was on my hands and cuticles.  My first reaction was that this oil smells amazing! I really couldn't stop sniffing my hands.  As this is called Dry Oil, it claims to absorb instantly with no oily residue.  Unfortunately, I found it took forever to absorb.  Even with rubbing it in it took about 15-20 minutes, and it still felt a bit oily after that. However it did leave my cuticles looking healthy and moisturized.

After using this product for a few weeks on my hands, it took less and less time to absorb, needing only about 5 minutes.  It really left my hands and cuticles looking good.

 photo 001_zps49ef8832.jpg

Not a dry cuticle in sight!

The other place I tried this oil was on my hair.  I used to have my hair very long, then I cut is short for years, and now, on a whim, I have decided to grow it back out long again.  I am really a bad hair mommy. I am constantly bleaching, dying, and straight ironing my hair.  When I kept it short it wasn't really a big concern, but now that I am growing it out, you can see all the damage I have caused it. On top of that, we are all going through the winter dryness, plus the fact that my hair is naturally try, has left my hair a breaking mess.  Perfect time to try out some Dry Oil!

 photo 003_zpsf86a40e3.jpg

Bleh, so much damage!

I tried using the Dry Oil 2 different ways.  The first was to spray is on my wet hair, then go about my normal straight ironing.

My hair felt pretty soft after, but it started to feel greasy pretty quickly after.

The other way I tried was to dry and straighten my hair, then spray on the oil.

This was amazing!  My hair felt amazingly soft and looked great! Plus my hair usually smells burnt after I straighten it, however the oil left it smelling really good! My hair is still damaged (I really need a good cut) but the oil definitely improved it, and I didn't feel greasy at all.

 photo 009_zpsf4709ab4.jpg

Overall this oil worked pretty well. It always left my hair and skin feel nourished and healthy.  However I wouldn't call this oil dry, as at times it left mt hair and skin pretty oily.

This oil can be found in Walmart or Target for $5.99.

Will you be trying out the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil?


  1. Sounds interesting! Not sure if I need this since my hair is usually just frizzy not dry, but it looks like a good product!

  2. oh my goodness you're hair looked amazing after using the oil! My hair is extremely damaged from constantly dying and straightening it so I may need to give this a try. (I also am in need of a really good cut, I have terrible split-ends right now, yuck)

    1. aww thank you! :) your hair sounds just like mine!

  3. Both your hair and hands look fabulous!




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