Monday, April 29, 2013

Jeweled French

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but luckily I got to spend some time with my friends Sara and Avra.  With spring here and summer on its way, I've noticed that I have gained some weight and can't fit into some of my jeans, skirts, and shorts from last year :( So I have decided that it's time to get on track! I found this awesome App called Workout Trainer by Skimble Inc and its freaking awesome. It has so many awesome exercises, including yoga! Plus I have been trying to eat better and drink more water.

On to the nails!

I love a nice french tip! It is so easy and quick to do and its always so classic and beautiful.  Its really fun trying out new ways to rock the french tip look.  Today I wanted to rock some jewel toned colors.

 photo 011_zpsaa9ebaf0.jpg

 photo 012_zps20042aac.jpg

I started out with the french tips, and when I was all done I thought that some jewel tones needed rhinestones!

 photo 013_zpsff2d142f.jpg

 photo 014_zps0e3e226a.jpg

 photo 015_zpsb6438fa1.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 010_zps545c7c8a.jpg

Ciate in Cutie Pie
Ciate in Cabaret
Ciate in Power Dressing
Ciate in Dangerous Affair
OPI in Candlelight
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Emerald City

I thought this look was beautiful and classy, but still fun and not just your average french tip.  This was the first time I ever wore french tips on my new rounded nails!

What do you think of this Jeweled french look?

Claws up!

 photo 016_zpse68097d2.jpg

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hey everyone! Have you been enjoying the warm weather as much as I have?  I am hoping that the rains of spring are at an end so I can enjoy all the sunny days.  Seeing the sun shining made me crave strawberries! O loved picking them every summer in my back yard and eating them right off the plant, still warm from the sun.  I might not be able to pick strawberries just yet, but that doesn't mean I can't wear them on my nails!

Oh, and for a little treat I have my very first photo tutorial!!

 photo 70c33728-8aa8-442d-9bbb-ad1d6fc8ca84_zps8e1cfe44.jpg

1. After applying your base coat, pain on one coat of your favorite white polish.
2. Using a small angled brush, paint on the leaves in your green polish.
3. Fill in the spaces between the leaves, and the rest of your nail, with the small angled brush and your red polish.
4. Use your small dotting tool to add little yellow dots for your seeds. Clean up and top coat!

 photo 013_zps8705f502.jpg

 photo 017_zps644f9c02.jpg

 photo ee339eb1-5907-4d11-9f8d-40523e8183b9_zps64f4db27.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 020_zps283c0144.jpg

Ciate in Mojito
Sinful Colors in Ruby Ruby
Sinful Colors in Unicorn
Sappy Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On

I thought these strawberry nails were cute, fun, and perfect for summer! No the weather just needs to catch up to my nails. Maybe I can will the Earth to move around the sun! *MOOOOOOVEEE*

What do you think of my strawberry nails? Do you want me to do more tutorials?

Claws Up!

 photo 019_zpsa9894fd5.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Hello everyone and happy Earth Day!  While Halloween is my favorite fun holiday, Earth Day is the one that means the most to me (though who says you can't gave fun on Earth Day?).  As an environmental advocate, Earth Day was always close to my heart.  The holiday began in 1970 as part of the modern environmental movement.  Each April 22 is spent honoring our HOME and trying to undo some of the destruction we cause with our cars, factories, and deforestation.  I have spent lots of time studying environmentalism, and when I was in high school, my friends and I went out every Earth Day to a local park to pick up trash and recycling off the ground and out of the lake.  We always had lots of fun, and it felt good to be doing a little to help, plus it was nice getting acknowledged from passers by about our good deeds.

 photo EarthDay009_zps05f534b1.jpg
Environmental Warriors!

Since then I have gotten busy with work and school to go out to the park, though I would really love to go back, but my love for the environment hasn't faded.  I wanted to show my love for our planet the way I love to express myself...on my nails!

 photo 002_zps0b6788d2.jpg

 photo 003_zpse3f0e5cd.jpg

 photo 004_zps7be9bf45.jpg

 photo 005_zps73e470f8.jpg

 photo 007_zps7e5610ca.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 008_zpsb7003672.jpg

Zoya Jacqueline
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City
Ciate Headliner
Sinful Colors Sugar Rush
Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

I really enjoyed creating these Earth Day nails!  It was so much fun painting so meticulously, just like I used to in art class.  I think each nail came out great, and its a good reminder of what today is about, loving out Earth!

There are many easy ways to help out planet this Earth Day, and every other day of the year:
Ride you bike to work, or even walk!
Its sunny out! Turn off the lights and open a window.
Don't eat meat. Even one vegetarian meal a week helps the environment.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!
Plant a tree.
And of course, go to your own park and clean it up for other people (and animals) to enjoy!

The problems of pollution, deforestation, and animal extinction are not just a one day out of the year thing.  These issues exist, and worsen, every day.  Think of what Earth has given to us, and make sure to give it back, this is our home!

What do you think of my Earth Day nails?  What are you going to do to save our planet?

Claws up!

 photo 006_zps7f201f0b.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

Grey Skies

Hey everyone today I have a quick post because I'm pretty tired. I also have some quickly done nails. I learned through experience that if you try to do nail art when you're tired it comes out all poopy. So for today I have some quick and dirty Julep layering.

 photo 001_zpse6535087.jpg

 photo 002_zpsfe3c5bf4.jpg

 photo 003_zps6f708969.jpg

 photo 145f0ba1-9cea-43b2-927d-68fd2c9f2dbb_zps9fecdcae.jpg

 photo 005_zpsb51bcc40.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 007_zps6199af43.jpg

Julep Portia
Julep Lisa

I thought this layering was nice, but Portia might look better over something either lighter or darker. I;ll just have to keep experimenting in layering!

What do you think of this Julep layering?

Claws Up!

 photo 006_zps59e357f7.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Say My Name

Hello everyone! I am finally here with another mani to show you!  Recently the Zoya, Lovely collection came out, and I wasn't sure if it was the beautiful light nude color, or the fact that we share a name, but Jacqueline really caught my eye, and I was determined to own it!  It just seemed like the perfect base for some delicate nail art.  I feel like I always want to go to my bottle of white polish, while everyone else used colors like My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and other off-white colors.

On another note, my mom recently signed up to be a Julep Maven...that's right, my mom, not me.  But the good thing about my mom signing up is that I get all the polishes in the box my mom doesn't like, SCORE!  She asked if I wanted the most recent box, and since it was full of neons, of course I said yes. And there it was...Jackie, another gorgeous polish featuring my name!  I knew I needed both polishes, and I knew I needed to wear them together.

 photo 001_zps1a4e3b70.jpg

 photo 002_zpsd2a39ee9.jpg

I wanted something to showcase both colors together, so I decided to try a needle drag mani for the first time. And I have to say...I love it! It's such a cool effect that's super easy to do!

 photo 004_zps759982d9.jpg

 photo 005_zpsbb84dc42.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 008_zps8f3b62fb.jpg

 photo 007_zps7f8d16aa.jpg

Haha-so cool!

I love how well these two colors go together, and the fun needle drag effect!  I am already planning other fun colors to needle drag together, and nail art to use the two "Jacquie's" with.

Do you like the needle drag look? Do you ever rock any namesake polishes on your claws?

Claws up!

 photo 006_zps7c4b5d0b.jpg

Monday, April 15, 2013

Inked Up

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, but I am about to catch all of you guys up on what's been going on.  First off, this is my first day off work since last Monday, that's right, I worked 7 days straight! And on Saturday and Sunday I worked 10 hours, bleh.

 photo 562372_640013156024525_1506844851_n_zps42d0fd59.jpg

Also as you guys know I was out getting my 3rd tattoo on Thursday! I wanted to get my tattoo post up right after but then I got sick.  On Thursday and Friday I started having flu-like symptoms.  My body was hot but I had the chills, and I felt nauseous. Interestingly when I took my temperature, I was a few degrees BELOW normal.  I was really worried I thought something might have gotten infected with my tattoo.  I did some research and apparently what my body was going through was a state of shock!  My tattoo took over 6 hours to do, and while for the most part it didn't really hurt, pain is still being inflicted to your body, which causes a release of endorphins and adrenalin (which is why getting the tattoo didn't really hurt).  However once its over, your body goes into a state of shock, and withdrawal, which makes you feel like you have the flu. On top of that, I lost a good amount of blood, and I'm pretty small.  Just like when you give blood and your blood sugar drops, the same thing happened to me. Actually I don't even weigh enough to donate blood, so losing blood can make me pretty sick.

 photo 001_zps0343a23f.jpg

Ok enough blabbing! On to...Some more blabbing.  If you guys can't tell already, this post has nothing to do about nails. But don't worry, now that I have a few days off work, and I'm feeling better, I am up for a new manicure.  Today I wanted to show you guys my new tattoo, and tell you a little about the meaning behind it :)

 photo 005_zps50c919a8.jpg

My tattoo is similar to the old star and constellation maps used to see the path of the sun traveling through the sky.  Of course, in these days, people thought the solar system was geocentric, so its as if we are standing on a stationary Earth, watching the sun, and other planets pass.  That is how astrology works. Most people think "oh hey my birthday is in December, I am a Sagittarius" but there is SO much more then that.  What post people think of as their sign, is the constellation the sun was in when they were born.  Front and center on my tattoo is Scorpio, which is my sun sign.  My whole life I have resonated very closely with Scorpio. From the passion, to the power, to the anger, and even my interest in death, are all themes of Scorpio. The constellations are circular, not linear. There is no start and end.  If you are looking at the sky, next to Scorpio  on the one side you find Libra. Now, I was not actually born with any planets in Libra, but I also feel extremely close to this sign. While most people stereotype the scales and they all they are about is finding balance  it really goes beyond that.  Libras, like myself, are extremely indecisive. They also are very concerned with making others happy. For a while I wasn't sure why I felt so Libran when I had no Libra in my chart.  However, I learned that before Libra was considered it's own constellation, people thought it was either part of Virgo (which comes before Libra) or...SCORPIO! You might have seen images of Virgo represented by a woman holding scales, which is where that comes from.  People also thought that the stars that created the scales, were actually the stars that created the claws of  the Scorpio scorpian. I find that I have a strong connection with the relationship between Scorpio and Libra.

 photo 003_zps9a95f510.jpg

On the other side of Scorpio is Sagittarius, I have made a conscious choice to only include the bow and arrow of the centaur, a half man, half horse warrior.  The horse half represented the wild and partying side, as centaurs loved to get crazy. The human half represented the intellectual half, and many centaurs couldn't always control each half.  If you have seen the Sagittarius centaur, you might notice that the arrow is always facing upwards, towards the sky.  In mythology, this shows the pursuit of learning and knowledge.  While In college I learned a lot about the kind of person I am.  When I started school I was the horse half.  I never wanted to do my work or go to class, and I spent all my time drinking and partying. However, by the end I handed all my papers in early, worked every weekend, and spent hours in the library every day.  The arrow pointed upwards reminds me of myself at the end of college, learning as much as I could.

You might have noticed what you think is a "random" leg. That is the leg of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent barer. In the sky, this constellation is right above Scorpio.  Just some more astrology lesson: all the constellations that we consider to be "signs" run along an imaginary line called the ecliptic.  All 12 signs are on that line and only those 12. There can only ever be 12 signs which has to do with the geometrics of a circle.  However, just a little bit of Ophiuchus' foot hits the line, on Scorpio.  This constellation as been known about since Scorpio and all the others, but for some reason, a few years ago, people thought it was a new constellation making a total of 13 signs, and all people born at the beginning of Scorpio (including me) have Ophiuchus as their new sign.  Well if you have been paying attention to this post you know that's BS. I was, and all other Scorpios, were born with their sun's in Scorpion, and of course our friend Ophi could never be a sign he he would be lucky number 13. He might exist in the sky, stomping on my Scorpio, but he will never replace it!

I could probably talk a lot more about the meaning and stories behind the planets and constellations, but I'm sure if this isn't you cup of tea, you are bored by now.  If anyone else is as interested in astrology as I am, or of you want to learn more, feel free to e-mail me! I could talk about  this stuff all day long!

Do you guys like getting tattoos with meanings? What do you think of my astrology tattoo?

Claws up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tattoo Much

Hello hello everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I have! Too bad its going to rain here the rest of this week. I stand by my total hatred of Spring...stupid rain!

Do you guys like to match your nails to events in your life?  I love rocking Halloween nails the whole month of October, and I even did nails to celebrate St. Paddy's day, the St. Patrick's party weekend at Penn State.  And today I have another pretty exciting day, and I felt I needed to commemorate that on my nails.

I love Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.  They always have really cute and fun patterns. I find myself being drawn in by the cute pattern, buying them. and then throwing them in my drawer for months.  But I bought a certain set that I fell in love with, and I knew I had to save them for a special day...and today is that day.

I AM GETTING INKED TODAY!!! I am totally in love with tattoos! Tattoo shows, tattoo art, and of course getting tattooed.  For reasons like not enough money, good ideas, and places on my body, this is only my 3rd tattoo, but I'm sure that might seem like a lot to some people.  I like tattoo's to have special meanings, I mean the thing is going to me stuck on me the rest of my life, I better really love it!  Plus I have made a conscious choice to only get tattoos that I can hide, so I have to choose carefully because there are only so many spots I can get them.

I got Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Tattoo Much a while ago with the plans of wearing them for when I get my next tattoo.  They have a super cute pattern of classic tattoo images from hearts with banners, birds, and stars.

 photo 010_zpsba21aebb.jpg

 photo 012_zps344bd0cb.jpg

 photo 015_zps3b554aa8.jpg

 photo 013_zps13342f50.jpg

 photo 014_zps75eb1766.jpg

The Line up:

 photo 017_zpsbd3352be.jpg

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Tattoo Much

I just love the tattoo pattern on these... unfortunately the pattern was pretty large, and my nails are teeny tiny, so you can't really tell what they are :(  I took a photo of the strips I didn't use so you could see the full pattern.

What do you think of Tattoo Much? Do you love tattoos like I do?

Claws up!

 photo 016_zps99994a29.jpg

Monday, April 8, 2013

Zoya Godiva && Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a nice weekend.  The sun has been starting to poke its head out here and its been nice enjoying the warm weather.  I just hope the rain stays away.  In other exciting news, my boyfriend, Ben, and I signed the lease for our new apartment!  At the end of June I will be moving from the great state of New York, to our first place together in Virginia.  I am really nervous about moving away from home, but thrilled to finally no longer be in a LONG distance relationship.  I will talk more deeply about this in another post, but I was really eager to share the big news with you guys!

On to more exciting news!  My Firmoo free glasses giveaway has ended and all the winners have been chosen!

The first prize winner, winning a free pair of Firmoo glasses is Zeychelle Mary!

The 6 second prize winners, winning a $30 off voucher are Paula Conese Dela Cruz,  Lynette Marie, Willy Vh, Mary Cheyzerr, Teresa Hundana, and  Georgia Christine Anne Fourie!

All the winners have been contacted and prizes have been claimed. I want to thank everyone the entered my giveaway, and Firmoo for allowing me to host it!

On to the nails!

I have been seeing textured nail polish all over the place, and I'm sure you have too.  One that really caught my eye was Zoya's Godiva in the pixie dust collection.  After seeing lots of other wonderful bloggers post there swatches  I knew it had to be mine...and so it was!  I just got my Zoya package in the mail with Godiva (and another polish that I am super excited to show you soon). I'm sure you have all seen plenty of swatches of this lovely polish, but I decided to throw my hat in the ring, and show you guys mine.

 photo 005_zps10186cf2.jpg

Godiva is a gorgeous nude with lots of shimmer, and of course an awesome textured finish! This is 2 coats, with no top coat, of course, to maintain the texture.

Also, you might be able to tell that I'm rocking a new nail shape!  I have been thinking about going from square to oval for a little while, but I have heard that the oval shape makes you more prone to breaks, so I was a little worried about trying it.  But this weekend I had a number of the corners of my nails break, so I thought it was the perfect time to round them out...and I'm glad I did! I never had round/oval nails before, so I wasn't exactly sure how to file them to get the shape I wanted, but I did my best. Hopefully with practice I can get them at the perfect shape. I think this shape makes my nails look longer than they actually are, and really elegant as well!

 photo 001_zps77c6cb1c.jpg

 photo 002_zpsc20e34e4.jpg

 photo 004_zpsd7e481a4.jpg

 photo 006_zps9d74b2d0.jpg

 photo 007_zps2d224328.jpg

The Line up:

 photo 009_zps3d82a223.jpg

Zoya in Pixie Dust

I would definitely say that Godiva lived up to my expectations!  The color itself the gorgeous, and I love the shimmer, and of course the texture.  I am already thinking about other ways I can wear this beauty!

What do you think of Zoya Godiva? Do you like textured polishes?  What do you think about my new nail shape? Any advice on rocking long and healthy ovals?

Claws up!

 photo 008_zps25e07dc1.jpg



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