Monday, April 15, 2013

Inked Up

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, but I am about to catch all of you guys up on what's been going on.  First off, this is my first day off work since last Monday, that's right, I worked 7 days straight! And on Saturday and Sunday I worked 10 hours, bleh.

 photo 562372_640013156024525_1506844851_n_zps42d0fd59.jpg

Also as you guys know I was out getting my 3rd tattoo on Thursday! I wanted to get my tattoo post up right after but then I got sick.  On Thursday and Friday I started having flu-like symptoms.  My body was hot but I had the chills, and I felt nauseous. Interestingly when I took my temperature, I was a few degrees BELOW normal.  I was really worried I thought something might have gotten infected with my tattoo.  I did some research and apparently what my body was going through was a state of shock!  My tattoo took over 6 hours to do, and while for the most part it didn't really hurt, pain is still being inflicted to your body, which causes a release of endorphins and adrenalin (which is why getting the tattoo didn't really hurt).  However once its over, your body goes into a state of shock, and withdrawal, which makes you feel like you have the flu. On top of that, I lost a good amount of blood, and I'm pretty small.  Just like when you give blood and your blood sugar drops, the same thing happened to me. Actually I don't even weigh enough to donate blood, so losing blood can make me pretty sick.

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Ok enough blabbing! On to...Some more blabbing.  If you guys can't tell already, this post has nothing to do about nails. But don't worry, now that I have a few days off work, and I'm feeling better, I am up for a new manicure.  Today I wanted to show you guys my new tattoo, and tell you a little about the meaning behind it :)

 photo 005_zps50c919a8.jpg

My tattoo is similar to the old star and constellation maps used to see the path of the sun traveling through the sky.  Of course, in these days, people thought the solar system was geocentric, so its as if we are standing on a stationary Earth, watching the sun, and other planets pass.  That is how astrology works. Most people think "oh hey my birthday is in December, I am a Sagittarius" but there is SO much more then that.  What post people think of as their sign, is the constellation the sun was in when they were born.  Front and center on my tattoo is Scorpio, which is my sun sign.  My whole life I have resonated very closely with Scorpio. From the passion, to the power, to the anger, and even my interest in death, are all themes of Scorpio. The constellations are circular, not linear. There is no start and end.  If you are looking at the sky, next to Scorpio  on the one side you find Libra. Now, I was not actually born with any planets in Libra, but I also feel extremely close to this sign. While most people stereotype the scales and they all they are about is finding balance  it really goes beyond that.  Libras, like myself, are extremely indecisive. They also are very concerned with making others happy. For a while I wasn't sure why I felt so Libran when I had no Libra in my chart.  However, I learned that before Libra was considered it's own constellation, people thought it was either part of Virgo (which comes before Libra) or...SCORPIO! You might have seen images of Virgo represented by a woman holding scales, which is where that comes from.  People also thought that the stars that created the scales, were actually the stars that created the claws of  the Scorpio scorpian. I find that I have a strong connection with the relationship between Scorpio and Libra.

 photo 003_zps9a95f510.jpg

On the other side of Scorpio is Sagittarius, I have made a conscious choice to only include the bow and arrow of the centaur, a half man, half horse warrior.  The horse half represented the wild and partying side, as centaurs loved to get crazy. The human half represented the intellectual half, and many centaurs couldn't always control each half.  If you have seen the Sagittarius centaur, you might notice that the arrow is always facing upwards, towards the sky.  In mythology, this shows the pursuit of learning and knowledge.  While In college I learned a lot about the kind of person I am.  When I started school I was the horse half.  I never wanted to do my work or go to class, and I spent all my time drinking and partying. However, by the end I handed all my papers in early, worked every weekend, and spent hours in the library every day.  The arrow pointed upwards reminds me of myself at the end of college, learning as much as I could.

You might have noticed what you think is a "random" leg. That is the leg of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent barer. In the sky, this constellation is right above Scorpio.  Just some more astrology lesson: all the constellations that we consider to be "signs" run along an imaginary line called the ecliptic.  All 12 signs are on that line and only those 12. There can only ever be 12 signs which has to do with the geometrics of a circle.  However, just a little bit of Ophiuchus' foot hits the line, on Scorpio.  This constellation as been known about since Scorpio and all the others, but for some reason, a few years ago, people thought it was a new constellation making a total of 13 signs, and all people born at the beginning of Scorpio (including me) have Ophiuchus as their new sign.  Well if you have been paying attention to this post you know that's BS. I was, and all other Scorpios, were born with their sun's in Scorpion, and of course our friend Ophi could never be a sign he he would be lucky number 13. He might exist in the sky, stomping on my Scorpio, but he will never replace it!

I could probably talk a lot more about the meaning and stories behind the planets and constellations, but I'm sure if this isn't you cup of tea, you are bored by now.  If anyone else is as interested in astrology as I am, or of you want to learn more, feel free to e-mail me! I could talk about  this stuff all day long!

Do you guys like getting tattoos with meanings? What do you think of my astrology tattoo?

Claws up!


  1. I really love this! Poor you for feeling so rubbish afterwards but it was worth it right? I'm glad your feeling better! I actually really like this and I'm not the biggest fan of tattoos, I like how unique this is in comparison to some other starsign-like tats I've seen before and its cool that it has such a strong meaning behind it. Looking forward to seeing your mani's soon! :)

  2. cool tattoo :D
    greetings from fellow scorpio ;)

  3. Beautiful tattoo- it was great to hear about the meaning behind everything!

  4. Wow, I didn't know all of that! I know you've been wanting to get a scorpio tattoo forever, so it's great that you did!

  5. Your new tat is gorgeous! I've never really been into astrological signs. I mean, I am a Libra and that's nice, I've though about getting a Libra tattoo. I used to think it was really interesting and I would love it until I took an astrology class, and it just ended up boring me. It is neat, but I'm not hugely into. All I know is the signs, but not a lot about what they mean or represent or anything like that.

  6. Not only is it beautiful but the meaning behind it makes it even better!

  7. Nice! I'm a fan of tattoos with meaning, but I also love random stuff that just looks cool :P That being said I don't have it in me to get a tattoo that just looks cool.

  8. that's awesome! Hate to hear you were sick, but I would imagine it was a little tough on your body. Super cool, though




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