Monday, April 1, 2013

Muffin's Birthday Party

Hey guys! Happy 1st day of April. Remember to say "rabbits rabbits" and try not to get fooled!

As you know it was my kitty's 14th birthday yesterday.  Muffin loves to take nibbles from my cupcakes when my dad brings me home one, so I got her her own cupcake for her special day!

 photo 14thbirthday1_zpsc9ca146b.jpg

 photo 14thbirthday2_zps48dab856.jpg

I made her a special cat food dinner, wished her a special happy 14th birthday, and then we enjoyed a vanilla cupcake. Only the best for my boo!

Do you guys like celebrating your pets birthdays too?

Claws up!


  1. your Muffin is so happy to have you, may you enjoy more years together :D

  2. I don't celebrate my cat's birthday, all I know is that she was born in April but I'm not sure which day :'(

  3. she really is enjoying it, so cute

  4. Happy Birthday Muffin! My cat, Chanel's bday is April 15th. So not too far away. She'll be two. :)




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