Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tattoo Much

Hello hello everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I have! Too bad its going to rain here the rest of this week. I stand by my total hatred of Spring...stupid rain!

Do you guys like to match your nails to events in your life?  I love rocking Halloween nails the whole month of October, and I even did nails to celebrate St. Paddy's day, the St. Patrick's party weekend at Penn State.  And today I have another pretty exciting day, and I felt I needed to commemorate that on my nails.

I love Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.  They always have really cute and fun patterns. I find myself being drawn in by the cute pattern, buying them. and then throwing them in my drawer for months.  But I bought a certain set that I fell in love with, and I knew I had to save them for a special day...and today is that day.

I AM GETTING INKED TODAY!!! I am totally in love with tattoos! Tattoo shows, tattoo art, and of course getting tattooed.  For reasons like not enough money, good ideas, and places on my body, this is only my 3rd tattoo, but I'm sure that might seem like a lot to some people.  I like tattoo's to have special meanings, I mean the thing is going to me stuck on me the rest of my life, I better really love it!  Plus I have made a conscious choice to only get tattoos that I can hide, so I have to choose carefully because there are only so many spots I can get them.

I got Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Tattoo Much a while ago with the plans of wearing them for when I get my next tattoo.  They have a super cute pattern of classic tattoo images from hearts with banners, birds, and stars.

 photo 010_zpsba21aebb.jpg

 photo 012_zps344bd0cb.jpg

 photo 015_zps3b554aa8.jpg

 photo 013_zps13342f50.jpg

 photo 014_zps75eb1766.jpg

The Line up:

 photo 017_zpsbd3352be.jpg

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Tattoo Much

I just love the tattoo pattern on these... unfortunately the pattern was pretty large, and my nails are teeny tiny, so you can't really tell what they are :(  I took a photo of the strips I didn't use so you could see the full pattern.

What do you think of Tattoo Much? Do you love tattoos like I do?

Claws up!

 photo 016_zps99994a29.jpg


  1. Cool nail strips!! I can't wait to see your new tattoo!! So exciting! When are you free?

  2. These are gorgeous! Are they hard to do? Good luck with your tattoo, I think your very sensible to get them in places you can hide if need be. Some how I think your tattoo idea is going to be really unique and cool even though I have no idea what it is :D

  3. Cool design! I hope you post the tattoo!

  4. Those are very cute nail strip matters :D I'm always pro tattoos. I have on my wrist that I wish I didn't have anymore, but I live with it and accept it! Another behind my ear, which I'm thinking about working on elaborating on it more. It's been many many years since my last, there are 2 more that I want but I'm taking my time with getting. Also good idea on only getting it where you can cover up, thats one of the reasons why I don't like the one on my wrist anymore.

  5. These are still cute on short nails, they just look more abstract! I love tattoos! I'm up to 7 now and well overdue for another! I'm the same way though, I don't want something random tattooed on me, it has to be meaningful! Like I have a dreamcatcher on my foot for my mom, a shamrock behind one of my ears since my heritage is part Irish, the Elvis lightning bolt on my ribs because I've always loved Elvis SO MUCH... Anyway you get the point. The next one I get will probably be for my little girl. :)

    I love these nail strips, too! They price is a little hefty, but they are so worth it!




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