Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Avery Connected the Dots

Hey everyone! I got back last night from my trip to Pennsylvania to watch my boyfriend Ben, and his sister, graduate college!  It was such a beautiful weekend and it was great getting to spend time with Ben and his family.  I had a full day of travel yesterday and when I got hope I really needed a manicure but I was too tired to do anything too fancy. When it doubt I go to my favorites: neons and glitter!

 photo 123_zpsd69b8665.jpg

 photo 125_zpsfa1ff1f9.jpg

I love the combination of hot pink, black, and white. Its girly, but not over the top, and all the colors really stand out together! CTD is such an amazing glitter too, I can't stop looking at my hands, I don't want to take my polish off!

 photo 126_zps226dd821.jpg

 photo 127_zps2fdabe36.jpg

The Line Up photo 130_zps2230c14b.jpg:
Julep in Avery
Lynderella in Connect the Dots

Sorry for the terrible photos today. To make up for it I'll post some of my weekend in PA!

 photo 031_zps4e27b334.jpg

 photo 049_zps7a7127aa.jpg

 photo 079_zpsb06bc811.jpg

 photo 084_zps88937cd1.jpg

What do you think of this layering? What do you like to wear under CTD?

Claws up!

 photo 129_zps2153e41e.jpg

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