Monday, May 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom Layering

Hey everyone! Well I wanted go get back into the swing of things after being so busy, but just when my life was starting to slow down, I get sick :( I have been feeling nauseous for a few days now, and I;m not really up do doing nail art right now. I have some nails that I did a few days ago to show you, and hopefully I can feel better soon so I can get beck to doing what I love!

 photo 001_zps26d0e064.jpg

 photo 002_zps08ac3af0.jpg

Recently I have been obsessing over circle glitter. So when Dulcie sent me one I was so excited.  I just think it is such a cool look!

 photo 003_zps369a2d9f.jpg

 photo 004_zps51b34fe6.jpg

Cherry Blossom Bloom had different sized magenta circle glitters, micro white circle glitters, and big white rectangle glitters. It was such a pretty mix.

 photo 005_zpsa310eb73.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 007_zps3e3e7ed3.jpg

Lac Attack in Cherry Blossom Bloom
Revlon in Jaded

What do you think of this layering? Do you like circle glitters as much as I do?

Claws up!

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