Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Neon Sunset

Well...I think I have made the realization that I am inept at gradients.  I spent all day watching YouTube videos in an attempt to get it down, since my last few tries were total fails.  I gave it another go, and I still can't seem to get it right! Oh well, its not perfect, buy hey, neither am I :)  I thought the colors were super pretty together though, they reminded me of a sunset on my nails!

 photo faa04dc2-e7d1-4085-abe4-ebe3bb996b80_zps31a8eb68.jpg

1.Paint your nails with one coat of your favorite white polish. Add a layer of quick dry top coat.
2.Paint 1 line of each color on a makeup sponge.
3.Dab the sponge onto your dry, white nails.
4. Clean up with a q-tip, and add another layer of top coat. Your all done!

 photo 005_zpsd0937ffc.jpg

 photo 008_zps2f74bf9b.jpg

 photo 010_zps7019ffea.jpg

 photo 011_zps38a85c48.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 015_zpsa2ef6b50.jpg

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On
Julep in Eden
Spoiled in Jail Bait

So, this might not be the perfect gradient, but I still love the colors, and it kind of looks neat in its own way.

What do you think of these neon sunset colors?

Claws Up!

 photo 012_zps1802dd7b.jpg

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