Monday, June 17, 2013

Splattered Skull

Hey everyone I hope you all have a fantastic father's day! I am still pooped from all the festivities. But that wont stop me from going to my Bikram hot yoga class today!  My dad and I spend the morning out on a 3 mile hike in northern New York.  It was pretty challenging climbing up and down all the steep rocks and slippery streams but it was so much fun.  Then we took a motorcycle ride to a Greek festival for some amazing food.  I had such a great time spending the whole day with my daddy!

Now that my nails are short, I want to rock some dark polish. I think short nail just look better with dark colors.  I haven't done a splatter mani in a while so I thought it was time to try it again!

 photo 002_zpsa4e03525.jpg

 photo 003_zps46af839b.jpg

For the splatter nails I just did the regular blow-through-the-straw technique. I guess because the yellow polish I used was so thin that over the black it came out looking more like a cool smokey, cloudy look instead of a classic splatter look. I used a stencil for the skull. He came out a little wonky, but still cool. It looks like hes wearing an eye patch, haha!

 photo 004_zps78dd0b26.jpg

 photo 005_zps6bdb1cfe.jpg

 photo 006_zps55a4251b.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 009_zps2a2ea5b8.jpg

Debborah Lippman Edge of Glory Base Coat
OPI Candlelight

Even though this man didn't come out perfect, I still really like it! The splatter ended up having a really cool effect.

What do you think of my splatter skull mani? What did you all do for father's day?

Claws up!
 photo 007_zpsed1694e1.jpg />

P.S. In true Jacquie fashion, I have added some photos of my father's day hike after the jump :)

 photo 012_zps2f2e1e87.jpg

 photo 013_zps569eadf2.jpg

 photo 017_zpscdf1acdf.jpg

 photo 025_zps5c31afd8.jpg

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