Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Makeup Looks: Klashing Kitty

So, does this post title sound familiar to you? Well, it should! Today I bring you part 2 of the Klashing Kitty look, and this time its not on my nails...but on my face! Ok, that sounded weird...

I have wanted to do a makeup look to match my nails for a while.  I loved how cool the red and turquoise leopard looked on my nails, that I got inspired to try a makeup look with the same theme.

 photo 060_zpse0a716a6.jpg

 photo 027_zps9549797e.jpg

 photo 029_zps0cf849f7.jpg

 photo 033_zpsddbbff08.jpg

The turquoise is from Pop Lid Neon eye shadow pallet and the red is Manic Panic's Rockly Red (now being called Vampire Red). The upper lid eyeliner and the leopard spots were done with Loreal Telescopic liquid eyeliner in Black, and my bottom lashes are lined with Korres eyeliner in Black. I used Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara, and Maybelline's Baby Lips in Peppermint.

 photo 054_zpsaf74ff53.jpg

I was having so much fun with this look and taking photos, that I just couldn't stop myself!

 photo 044_zps7a1cf8da.jpg

 photo 051_zps84bce8de.jpg

I loved my matching look, I thought it was so fun. I was really happy with how the leopard print came out on my eyes, I felt super fun and fierce! I will definitely be rocking leopard on my eyes, and matching my nails to my makeup more often.

What do you think of this contrasting color leopard makeup look? Do you like matching your makeup to your nails also?

Claws Up!

 photo 055_zps35c3627a.jpg

Part 3 continues Friday!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Klashing Kitty

Hey ladies! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent my weekend being a good house "wife" by cleaning up the apartment. Ben and I also went out for a date night, which I will talk more about in an upcoming post.

I have been obsessing over the color combo of red and turquoise lately (hello, can you say wedding colors?).  I love how they don't really match each other, which makes both colors pop. It wasn't a combination that I ever thought to do myself, but when I saw it I was in love. And what does love mean? Well around here you know it means that I had to wear it on my nails.  I decided to work these colors into a leopard mani, because when I don't know what do to, I usually choose leopard. It looks awesome, but its super easy to do.

On a funny note, after I came up with a title for this post that I liked, I decided to see what Ben would pick as a good title. I showed him my nails again and asked "what should I name the title for the post for these nails?" He replied with "clashing kitties". HAHAHA! Sometimes I can't believe how in sync we are. Anyway...on to the nails!

 photo 015_zps4e414f15.jpg

 photo 017_zpsc2a8d557.jpg

 photo 018_zpsc08d8344.jpg

 photo 019_zps865592cd.jpg

 photo 022_zpsd7cfe4cb.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 024_zpsa1ad1bd1.jpg

Ciate in Headliner
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black out
Julep in Jackie

I sill really love these colors together, although I wish the red spots on the turquoise background popped more. Otherwise I really loved how this turned out. I thought the look was super fun and pretty. I couldn't stop looking at my hands!

What do you think of this red and turquoise leopard look? What color combos do you love?

Claws Up!

 photo 023_zpsb930d10d.jpg

The saga continues Wednesday...

Friday, July 26, 2013


Hayyyyyy ladiessss!

I am in a fantabulously good mood right now. Why do you ask?  Well, yesterday, after only two weeks at my new job, I became a key holder, I got a promotion, and a raise! Granted, I have been with the company for over a year and a half...but it amazes me the amount of pride and trust my new manager has in me over my old one.

On to the nails!

As you know I love neons any time of the year, but now that its summer I feel more appropriate wearing them. I have been loving the nude and neon trend, so I decided to rock it with some florals. What do you get when you mix fluorescent colors and a floral pattern?  Fluorals! *bud-um chhh!*

 photo 003_zps09e60ecd.jpg

 photo 004_zpsb21ee1b2.jpg

 photo 005_zps0420d717.jpg

 photo 007_zps157db8fb.jpg

 photo 008_zps9a75fb1f.jpg

The Line Up!

 photo 011_zps0ffc1417.jpg

Zoya in Jacqueline
Color Club in Pink Rush
Spoiled in Jain Bait
Spoiled in I Only Eat Salads
Nina Ultra Pro in Solar Flare

I was really happy with how these came out. I love how bright the flowers are which goes well with the nude background. I feel like they look like nail strips, even though I dotted each flower on.

What do you think of this neon floral look? Do you love neons too?

Claws Up!

 photo 010_zpse0b0481d.jpg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pastel Polkas

Hello hello! I hope everyone is having a great week. I have actually really been enjoying my new job. Although, I loved my last job when I first started and after a few months I grew to hate it. Hopefully things keep going well.

For this mani I decided to take inspiration from Pinterest. I saw this and I knew I needed to recreate it.

 photo 056_zps86a4b592.jpg

 photo 057_zpsd74d5f6d.jpg

I decided that instead of a bunny, for an accent nail I would reverse the pastel and black dots and make the dots in all 4 pastel colors.

 photo 058_zps1340c6cc.jpg

 photo 060_zps0ecf425e.jpg

 photo 062_zps14f4251a.jpg

The Line Up:

 photo 064_zps071a4d75.jpg

Ciate in Strawberry Milkshake
Sinful Colors in Unircorn
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out
Sinful Colors in Sugar Rush
Julep in Dianna

I thought this pastel dotticure was super cute. I love how the black contrasted the light colors. Too bad it all chipped off after 2 days of work. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

What do you think of this pastel dotticure?

Claws up!

 photo 063_zpsb13e9755.jpg

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Purples and Blues

Hey guys! I hope you all had a good week and you are enjoying your weekend. As you know, this past week was my first week at my new job in Virginia. My first few days went really well! My boss seems really happy and impressed with my already. In the three days that I have been here, she has put way more trust in me than in the year and a half that I worked for my other boss. Its amazing to finally be recognized for the work that I do.  We get along so well and have a lot in common. She told me that she wants the two of us to be the brains of the business, and even said that she hopes to learn from me. I can't wait to see where this takes me!

My first day was actually pretty crazy. In the first 20 minutes of me being a work, a small electrical fire had started in the doggy play room. All of us had to quickly move the dogs away while we waited for the fire department. After all the jokes about how I was unlucky and brought the fire with me, my boss said she was happy with how well I worked as a team with my coworkers that I had just met.

For my first week of work I wanted to wear something fun on my nails, but I wasn't in the mood of any intricate nail art. I opted for some gradients and glitter in purple and blue hues.

 photo 007_zps1483bb81.jpg

 photo 008_zps747f7bf2.jpg

 photo 009_zpse2e71896.jpg

 photo 010_zps8e01fcb4.jpg

I took inspiration for this mani from this Hard Candy glitter. Hip Hip Hooray is filled with blue, purple, black, silver, and even more glitters in different sizes. Its so deep and complex, I love it! I wanted to use different polishes to compliment this glitter.

 photo 013_zps0162b82c.jpg

 photo 014_zps6dbd6738.jpg

For an added touch, I decided to add little purple flower glitters with a blue sheen to some of my nails. I felt it helped tie all the colors in together.

The Line Up:

 photo 016_zps369113de.jpg
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac
Ciate in Cabaret
Ciate in Power Dressing
Hard Candy in Hip Hip Hooray

I was really happy with how this mani turned out. The colors of the polishes went well with all the different glitters in Hip Hip Hooray. And my gradients weren't too terrible for once! I say hip hip hooray to that!

What do you think of this purple and blue mani?

Claws Up!

 photo 015_zps54e6a2f2.jpg

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Makeup Looks: Limeade

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a good week.  Even though I'm back to being a working gal again its still summertime and that means neons! Almost every time I go out I have been rocking some neon eyeshadow. I probably should have taken photos of some of the other looks, but I did them so spur of the moment I didn't even think about it. I'll have to recreate them so I can show you guys.

For today's look I decided to start with green, then I added a gradient look around it. I thought a summer neon look needed a perfect summer drink name: limeade.

 photo 002_zps470fed91.jpg

 photo 005_zpscdb00805.jpg

 photo 008_zps165f4b7d.jpg

 photo 012_zpse76f19fa.jpg

I started with Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  For the shadows, I used the yellow, green, aqua, and blue from Pop Lid Neon eyeshadow. I put the green on the middle of the lid, then blended the yellow inward, and the aqua and blue outward. I used Palladio glitter eye liner in Emerald Sparkle on my upper lash line, and Korres eyeliner pencil in Black on the lower. For the mascara I used Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara, and I finished with Mally in Mally's Look on my lips.

 photo 013_zps668ebd6c.jpg

I thought this look was so bright, fun, and perfect for the summer. I can't wait to show you some of the other neon creations that I have been playing around with.

What do you think of this neon green look? Do you love neon too?

Claws Up!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beachy Keen

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Ben and I spent Sunday on a nice hike at a local park. We saw lots of little frogs and butterflies.  The views of the trees and river were absolutely gorgeous, and we even had a picnic in the woods. Tomorrow is actually my first day back at work after over a month off that I took to move down to Virginia. As nice as it was having all the time in the world to do anything I wanted, I was starting to get a little bored and now that I have to pay rent and buy my own food, I could use the money.

Even though I'm going back to work, its still summer time, and I have been dreaming of the beach. Unfortunately I never got the chance to go this summer before I started work, so I figured I'd just put the beach on my nails!

 photo 057_zps7d7102de.jpg

 photo 062_zpsce8bb6c8.jpg

 photo 002_zps0638f688.jpg

 photo 061_zpsd9d8c1af.jpg

Here's a closeup of my thumb. Ignore that black blob on the top. I tried to add a bird, but that was major failsauce.

I haven't done a tutorial for you guys in a while, so I thought now was the time.

 photo beachtut_zps0a7d4fc0.jpg

1. Start with a base coat, then dab on the teal polish on the bottom of your nail, half way up using the makeup sponge.
2. At the very bottom of your nail, by the cuticle, dab on the dark blue polish. Then dab the light blue polish starting in the middle of the nail, working up towards the tip.
3. Paint the nude polish on the tips on your nails. Important: Add your top coat NOW, you wont be able to add it after the next step.
4. Add the nude textured polish right on top of the first nude polish on the tips. Don't add a top coat, it will smooth out the textured polish. All Done!

Here's what I used:

 photo 064_zps8c2aa3c1.jpg

Zoya in Godiva
Barielle in Sky's The Limit
Barielle in Island Breeze
Hard Candy in Sky
Zoya in Jacqueline

I was pretty happy with how these beach nails came out. As soon as I picked up Godiva I knew I wanted to use it for beach nails. The beige color and sandy texture are perfect for the sandy beach. I like how all the colors blend together to look like the different blues of the ocean.

Are you dreaming of the beach too? What do you think of these beachy nails?

Claws Up!

 photo 063_zpsd68f6c9b.jpg

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Stash: Part 2

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a good week and are making your weekend plans.  This weekend Ben and I plan on visiting one of the local parks and nature centers in our area.

As I mentioned in my last post, today I have a little something different to show you guys.  When I lived in my home in NY with my dad, I didn't really have a space to do my nails. My polishes were crammed in the drawer in my nightstand and my nail art stuff was in a pile on the floor. I painted my nails sitting in my bed.  When Ben and I were looking for places to move, I mentioned that one day I'd like to move into a place where I could get a desk and have a real nail polish area. Well apparently some day is now.  We decided that I could use part of the guest bedroom for my nail polish, and Ben even gave me a small set of drawers and an old desk! I finally have a real place to do my nails!

 photo 036_zps0ffe47eb.jpg

See more after the jump.



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