Friday, November 29, 2013

Festival of Lights

As the holidays get closer, red and green are starting to pop up all over the blogosphere. While those are lovely colors, I often start to feel left out. Its Christmas this and Santa that, and a little Jewish girl like me can't relate. While I love Chanukkah, this is by no means my favorite time of year, so I usually go about my own nail buisness. This year, for the first time, I decided to get a little festive on the blog.  Since we are in the midst of the holiday right now, I thought I should share some Chanukkah nails!

Hanukkah Manicure

Hanukkah Manicure

Hanukkah Manicure

Hanukkah Manicure

The Line Up:

Hanukkah Manicure

Barielle in Starchild
OPI in Hi, Pumpkin!
Relvon in Metallic
Revlon in Royal
Zoya in Jacqueline
OPI in Candelight
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On

I was happy with how my holiday look came out. It was perfectly Chanukkah festive and fun. I was worried when I started to paint the candle, it wasn't looking too good for a while, but then it was a Chanukkah miracle, and it actually came out pretty good!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and to all my Jews out there, I hope you are having a fun Chanukkah!

What do you think of my take on a holiday manicure?

Claws Up!

Hanukkah Manicure

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