Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Thirteen

Hello everyone.

Right now its Sunday morning, and I am half asleep. I had a fun, but super late night out on my birfdai, which really lacked sleep. I am a little delirious and don't know how well I will be able to formulate thoughts. However, today I wanted to show you my costume, and some photos from Halloween, and tell you about my awesome night.

I am going to sum up the highlights of the night:

  • I had an awesome time dancing to good music at the bar
  • I was chosen to be in a costume contest
  • I won second place in said costume contest
  • I lost the contest to a girl that was 6 feet tall and carried me around the stage
  • The DJ played The Time Warp, of course I did the dance
  • I look over and a girl was also Time Warping with me, high fives commenced afterward
Enjoy some photos!






Overall I had a super amazing fun night! It might have been one of the best Halloween's I have had in a while!

What did you do for your Halloween??

Claws Up!


Here is what I wore to my work Halloween party:


I thought galaxy leggings would be appropriate with a Princess Leia costume :)

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