Friday, November 22, 2013

Jacqueline Loves Godiva

BREAKING NEWS:  My pinky nail was in a terrible collision! While putting on my socks (yes, you read that correctly) my hand slipped and bumped the chair.  The whole length of my pinky nail broke right off.  So now my pinky is a super nub, and I had to file all my other nails down too. Well, they had a good run while it lasted...

In other news, today I have a manicure that I have been thinkign about for a long time.  A while ago I picked up Zoya's Jacqueline and Godiva and the same time.  I loved the cream and nude colors and I tried hard to think of a way that I could wear them together.  Then I got inspired by Lawless Lacquer and her signature look of color blocking with 2 similar colored polished in a cream and textured finish.




The Line Up:


Zoya in Jacqueline


Zoya in Godiva

I thought this look was simple, elegant, and classy.  I just love nude polishes, and textures, so it was perfect wearing them all together. Now I wish I had more textured polishes to make more color blocking looks!

Do you like this cream and textured color blocking look?

Claws Up!


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