Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mix & Match: Colorful Gradient and Glitter

As you guys can tell from reading my blog posts, I am pretty much and indie noob. I only have a handful of them.  I think they are all so gorgeous, but I can never make the jump to actually buy them. Luckily my birthday just passed, and even more luckily, my birthday is right after Halloween. That means I knew I wanted an awesome Halloween indie for my birthday. My wonderful brother generously gave me Red Dog Dead Man's Party.  This polish had everything I had been lemming for so long: neon glitters, and awesomely shaped glitter. I wanted to match this with something colorful and fun, so I opted for a pink and orange gradient.


I am seriously obsessed with this polish. Its filled with all different shaped neon glitters, as well as black glitter. You can also see the beautiful silver shimmer. Of course, the best part is the skull and cross bones glitters! It all looks so gorgeous together I couldn't resits a bottle shot on its own.






The Line Up:


Red Dog Designs Dead Man's Party
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink

I am so happy with this mani. You can never go wrong with such a perfect glitter, and I am really happy with my gradient, for once! I think I have finally figured out this gradient thing and I'm thrilled. I can't wait to make even more!  I loved how all the colors and glitters came together, it really does look like a party on my nails!

As I have mentioned, I am adding new features to my blog. I am going to keep it a surprise, so make sure you look out for my next post to see what I have cooked up. Any guesses as to what it could be??

What do you think of Dead Man's Party, and my gradient and glitter mani?

Claws Up!


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