Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Look Book: Favorite Fall Outfit

As the weather gets colder, and the first snow falls, its easy to see that fall is coming to an end (sniff sniff) and winter is beginning.  I definitely feel that this fall sped too fast. With some stressful times around here, plus crazy weather, I felt that I couldn't fully enjoy my fall.  Fall was not all lost, however, I still got to enjoy some fun times.  While I wore a number of different outfits this fall, there was one that I kept going back to when I couldn't decide what else to wear. This was easily my favorite outfit this fall.  And since I wore it so much, I wore it when Ben and I visited his house a few weeks ago, which meant another fun photo shoot.



I found this chambray shirt recently and I have been obsessed. I loved finding all different ways to wear it.  I still can't bring myself to wearing the denim suit, but I loved this reverse outfit: a color on the bottom and denim on the top.  I added a black tee with red details for a comfy look, and finished off with a pair of grey booties to make this classically fall.




I'm sad that its getting too cold out to wear this outfit, but that just means I need to find a favorite winter outfit. I loved how this outfit was both comfortable and cute. Its perfect for a day of jumping in a pile of leaves, picking apples, or enjoying a pumpkin spice latte with friends.

What do you think of this fall outfit? What was your go to outfit this fall?

Claws Up!

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