Saturday, December 14, 2013

Look Book: Space Case

I was having a minor fashion crisis during the last couple of weeks, as you could probably tell by my lack of outfit posts. The transition from fall to winter left me super confused with what to wear. Now that there's lots of snow on the ground, there is no question that winter is here. To me, winter is sweater season. I was waiting until all the leaves were officially gone to break out the sweaters, and now my brain is overflowing with outfit ideas featuring sweaters. It helps that I just bought two new sweaters, which I'll feature in some outfits coming up.

While I was home for Thanksgiving, my two best friends gave me the belated birthday gifts that had for me. That included an awesome knit galaxy scarf from my friend Avra, that I just love! Sweater + scarf = perfect winter outfit, that's the kind of math I love.








I love that I had matching galaxy stockings to go with my new scarf. Unfortunately my sweater was just a little too short to wear on its own with the stockings. To add some length, I layered a black knit skirt under my sweater so I could be covered and warm. Finishing with some high black boots not only matched perfectly, but covered the stockings just enough so they would look cute, but not in-your-face.  I was so in love with this look, I can't wait to wear it all winter long!

What do you think of my spacey winter look? What are your favorite things to wear in the winter?

Claws Up!

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